A Fine Mess

I was watching the 13 minute clip from yesterday’s The Five, and heard a sound-bite of Chris Christie saying that the next President should be a Governor because we learned our lesson about electing a first-term Senator.

What a dick.

This guy has ruined New Jersey’s credit rating and sent its property taxes into the stratosphere. And he says we need a governor because they know how to run things?!

Well, in Christie’s case, it’s run things into the ground.

Didn’t Governor Jimmy Carter teach us a lesson that electing a governor isn’t necessarily a good idea?

Listen, Barack Obama isn’t a dreadful president because he was a first-term Senator that didn’t even serve in the Senate a full two years before deciding to run for President.

Barack Obama is a dreadful president because he is a Marxist ideologue and narcissistic prick.

We don’t NEED a governor anymore than we NEED a woman.

The only thing we NEED from the next President is someone who upholds the Constitution, restores our Republic and frees the American People from the grip of an all-encompassing Federal Government. We NEED someone who will seek to do what is in the best interests of the United States of America and her people.

That may be a governor. It may not.

But I can tell you what we absolutely DO NOT NEED.

Chris Christie.

Or, Jeb Bush for that matter — who just this week urged the Senate to confirm the radical girl-version of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch because a President should get the nominees he wants regardless of what the Senate thinks of them. So much for advice and consent.

These two idiots have about as much business being President as either Laurel or Hardy. They wouldn’t restore our nation, but keep us on this road to destruction.

So, tell you what Chris. Why don’t you shut the hell up and take care of the fine mess you’ve made of New Jersey.

A Fine Mess

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