An actual scandal you won’t see on CNN

I know what you’re thinking.

Since CNN ignores a hell of a lot of actual scandals. Which scandal could Dianny possibly be talking about?

Well, sure. You’re right. CNN is far too busy scrambling to keep their Russia Scandal from collapsing like a house of cards. And, as a result, they’re having a hard time pulling their heads out of their … um … place where heads don’t belong … to notice anything else.

Right Jake?


But when I lay this out for you, you will once again be mind-blown over just how willing CNN is to ignore an actual scandal.

And not just any scandal. This one has serious repercussions in terms of National Security and intelligence.

Last week, I pointed out that the rumors swirling around the death of Seth Rich haven’t even been acknowledged by CNN.

But that’s really small potatoes compared to this.

And what is “this?”

Well, that would be the Congressional Democrats’ Pakistani Muslim IT guys.

This is an actual breach of security perpetrated by three brothers (and their family) who had unbridled access to several Congressional Democrats’ computers, emails, phones and devices.

And not just any Congressional Democrats either. These Pakistani brothers had an all-access pass to the data belonging to members of the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees.

The story broke in February when brothers Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks after the breach was discovered.

The Daily Caller broke the story on February 4, 2017:

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.
Also among those whose computer systems may have been compromised is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Democrat who was previously the target of a disastrous email hack when she served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 campaign.

Monday, Investigative Reporter Luke Rosiak revealed that Imran Awan’s wife Hina Alvi – one of the suspects under investigation in this security breach – has fled to Pakistan.

In another report from Monday, Rosiak interviewed several House technology aides who voiced concern over the lack of cooperation from House Democrats in this investigation.

Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.
“I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone. It’s been months at this point” with no arrests, said Pat Sowers, who has managed IT for several House offices for 12 years. “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

Read Rosiak’s entire report.

Let me tell you. It’s very concerning.

This is an explosive story. Congressional Democrats employed conmen who appear to have used their unfettered access to get really wealthy while compromising our elected Representatives.

And these Democrats are not cooperating.

This is a pretty damning scandal, isn’t it?

So, I did a search on CNN’s website for the name “Imran Awan.”

You know how many stories CNN has about this investigation?

Zero. Zip. Nada.

But, my search did yield one result.

And you’re not going believe what it was.

It was a December 3, 2014 opinion piece written by none other than Imran Awan titled, “Opinion: ‘The Muslims are Coming!’ Why Islamophobia is so dangerous.”

I crap you not.

Here’s the LINK. You can read it yourself.

But this was the money-quote for me:

This negativity is framed within the construct that Muslims are dangerous people, and creates a “them vs. us” mentality that can be highly damaging for community relations.

Right. Says the dangerous Pakistani Muslim who burrowed into Congressional computers and snooped around where he didn’t belong.

Sweet merciful Zeus.

The irony is mind-blowing, isn’t it?

No wonder CNN doesn’t want to report on this scandal.

Not only will it make their masters in the Democrat Party look bad. But it will make them look all kinds of stupid.

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2 thoughts on “An actual scandal you won’t see on CNN

  • May 24, 2017 at 9:59 am

    I was so pleased yesterday in our company break room: one of my coworkers was watching CNN and could not help exclaiming how not news it was. He asked me, “what happened last night?” I said, Terrorist attack at a big concert? He said, “exactly! But do you see one story here on CNN? I’ve been sitting here 20 minutes and not one mention!” Finally after a while, they did show the 3 second clip of people rushing down the stairs and to the right. They rotated that for a few turns, then it was back to Russia Russia Russia!! Keep it up, media, and you’ll red pill the whole damn country!

  • May 25, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    dimocrats are so intent on showing the world how “inclusive”, “tolerant”, “cosmopolitan”, and “enlightened” they are willing to put all of us at risk to prove it. and then trash trump for not protecting when the inevitable attack comes. I think they would set their own daughters up for fgm to be tolerant. God forgive me I hate dims so much.

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