Ah, yes. The infamous Experts Say excuse


Last week in their embarrassing performance at the White House, Chuck and Nancy trotted out the Democrat all-purpose claim “Experts say walls don’t work.”

And apparently this nonsensical Experts Say excuse is now the official anti-Wall talking point for the Democrats and their media Handmaids.

When Democrats resort to the Experts Say song and dance, there is no better proof that they have no valid argument.

In fact, Democrats employ the Experts Say excuse even more frequently than the “Well, real socialism has never been tried” nonsense.

David Burge summed it up perfectly in 2017:

There are indisputable facts.

And then there are the Democrats’ go-to Experts.

Who are these so-called Experts that tell us “walls don’t work?”

Nobody ever says who they are.

They provide no names, no research, no quantitative evidence.

Instead, they simply toss out “Well, experts say…”

The same people who decried tobacco companies funding research so they could argue, “Well, experts say second-hand smoke poses little harm” are the same people who love the Experts Say song and dance.

If anything, the tobacco example proves that Experts Say anything if you pay them enough.

In the real world, facts about border barriers say something entirely different than the Democrats’ so-called “Experts.”

Take, for example, this interview with David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Israel erected a wall at the Egyptian border that has all but eliminated illegal entry into Southern Israel.

The border barrier in Hungary is working.

NBC News even reported this fact – despite their attempts to smear it as “a modern-day iron curtain.”

The result is a modern-day iron curtain that stretches for 100 miles and is monitored by soldiers, dogs, thermal cameras and 3,000 newly recruited border police officers.

Hungarian authorities say it has effectively shut off the main migrant route from the Middle East to Western Europe; police arrested only five undocumented immigrants last month, compared with 3,528 before the fence existed in March 2016.

You can tell by reading that article that it galled NBC News to no end to admit it worked.  The headline is a big clue: “Far-right mayor hails success of Hungary-Serbia border fence.”

As President Reagan said, facts are stubborn things.

And the facts don’t comport with these nebulous, unnamed “Experts.”

I wonder how long before the Democrats resort to “Well, real walls have never been tried.”

Chuck, Nancy and their Handmaids in the media don’t object to the Wall because “experts say walls don’t work.”

In my expert opinion, their real objection to the Wall is, quite simply, because they know it will work.

And more importantly, walls, unlike murky, undefined “border security measures” cannot be ignored by future Democrat administrations.

Like I said back in September 2017, a wall can’t be repealed.

As I’ve said before, members of Congress know they have a 95% chance of being reelected. And that means they are 95% certain they will still be in Congress long after President Trump leaves office.

So they are advancing so-called “border security” measures instead of the Wall.


Because any nebulous “border security” laws can be easily gotten rid of or ignored once Donald Trump leaves office.

But a Wall can’t be repealed.

Unlike the nebulous “border security” they might pass which are about as firm as wet concrete, the Wall is actually quite literally set in stone.

And the last thing both Democrats and Republicans in Congress want is for any Trump policy to outlast them.


Trust me. The Republicans – just like the Democrats — want President Trump’s agenda to be easily erased once he’s left office.

For Congressional Republicans, the MAGA Movement is an aberration – some temporary insanity that has infected voters.

And they are certain that they can ride it out and outlast it.

They want this MAGA Movement to be temporary.

And a Wall is anything but temporary.

This is their primary objection to building a wall.

Not what experts say.

Not the cost.

No.  It’s the permanence.

And you can trust me on this assessment.

Because when it comes to the Democrats, I’m something of an expert.

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4 thoughts on “Ah, yes. The infamous Experts Say excuse

  • December 21, 2018 at 9:52 am

    Dianny nailed it!

  • December 21, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    Spot-on, in your 2017 quote and here in 2018, “…Experts Say anything if you pay them enough.”

    This post also virtuously reminds readers that a lot of Democrat political rhetoric can NOT be truthful. Some truth MUST remain hidden from the electorate for their progressive agenda to “progress.”

    Examples: (1) Tax cuts improve an economy and increase revenues. (2) Building a barrier wall on a national border greatly DECREASES illegal crossings.

    Using a slogan borrowed from Apple, the “Think Different” Trump administration has embarrassed the socialist-Democrat progressives by proving (once again) that number one above is TRUE. In my opinion, it is worth the Trump administration running the gauntlet proving (once again) that number two above is TRUE.

    And you’re right, I think both the Dems and Republicans know it.


  • December 22, 2018 at 11:03 am

    Talk to Israel about if walls work or not Thousands of suicide bombers into Israel before the wall WAS BUILT. ZERO SUICIDE BOMOBERS SINCE IT HAS BEEN BUILT. WALLS WORK BUILD THE WALL.

    • December 22, 2018 at 11:16 am

      Israel?! Really?! OMG! How did I forget to mention Israel…



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