Alyssa lets go of her boobs to clutch her pearls

Alyssa lets go of her boobs to clutch her pearls

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve written about Alyssa Milano. But here we go.

Remember the clip from several weeks ago of President Trump reenacting the texts between the FBI lovers during a rally?  It was pretty funny and, for the most part, went largely unnoticed by the pearl-clutching, well-I-nevering cranks of the ResistanceLOL.

Until this week when FBI lover Lisa Page gave an interview to sometime Bulwark writer Molly Jong Fast.  Page claims that watching Trump portray her “faking an orgasm” is what prompted her to speak out.

Whaaat?! Faking an orgasm?

What clip was Lisa watching? Because it isn’t the same one I saw.

Come on.  We’ve all seen “When Harry Met Sally.”  We know what someone faking an orgasm in public looks and sounds like.  And nothing President Trump did in that clip sounds like that.

But of course the usual suspects in the ResistanceLOL are now mortified – MORTIFIED I TELL YOU – over this comical clip of Trump.

Including (of course) that Z-list actress Alyssa Milano.

Pro tip, Alyssa.  If you want to come off as a pearl-clutching Victorian prude, it’s best to leave words like “fucking” out of your tweet.

I wonder what her eight-year-old son thinks of this promotional picture of Mommy.

Alyssa the titty-squeezer

Alyssa liked that picture of herself so much she used it as her Twitter profile pic (and header image) for a while. Because nothing says, “I’m a caring mom who wants to protect my child” like squeezing your own boobs while making the pucker face.

We’re supposed to believe that this breast-fondling chick who regularly protests alongside women dressed like vaginas is suddenly squeamish about the possibility that her son might be exposed to something “fucking upsetting” like a weeks-old video clip that nobody perceived as “Trump faking an orgasm” until Lisa Page peeked her head out of her hidey hole and said so?

Sorry. No sale.

You know, if Alyssa is really that concerned about what her poor child is exposed to, perhaps she should look to her own friendships.

Here’s hoping Alyssa keeps her 8-year-old son away from creepy, child-touching Joe.

Would she let her son stay in the room if the news showed video of clips of Joe getting handsy with little kids?

Or is she okay with that since Joe is a Democrat and her “friend?” 

Only a halfwit would actually believe that Alyssa Milano is in any way genuinely mortified by Donald Trump mocking the FBI lovers.

She’s not.

And she certainly isn’t concerned about how that innocuous clip might affect her impressionable child.

Not at all.

This is all about advancing the ResistanceLOL narrative that Lisa Page felt “threatened” by the President she and her paramour attempted to take down.  It’s about recasting Page from Villain to Victim of meanie-meanie-jelly-beanie Trump.

And because of her deep loathing of the President, Alyssa is more than happy to play her part in this farce – even if that means casting her son in a supporting role.

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4 thoughts on “Alyssa lets go of her boobs to clutch her pearls

  • December 3, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Maybe Page sounds like that?
    A nauseating image.

    • December 3, 2019 at 11:34 am

      “I knew you were faking it, honey. Because you sounded just like Donald Trump!”

  • December 3, 2019 at 11:22 am

    She lives in Harveywood, where pedophiles are celebrated and invited over to meet the family. Where kids are groomed for their time between the sheets with one of the big harveywood producers who like them young. They delude themselves into thinking it’s love when people without mental disorders know it’s sick and evil. YUCK. Because of that, I’m sure her kid will have the same issues all of the child stars or kids of stars have. He’ll be a drug addicted halfwit who won’t be able to make it on his own and will sadly be in and out of rehab till he dies young. I’m sure he sees worse from his parents and their friends than anything he’d ever see or hear from Trump. But then again, their level of filth smells sweet to them, just like a pigs mud hole doesn’t stink to them.

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