America is one big Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City

As I write this, FBI Director James Comey is testifying before the House Oversight Committee. I briefly stopped over to Breitbart and caught the live-stream just as Congressman Trey Gowdy began his questioning. But as soon as a Democrat began complaining that Republicans who once respected Comey are now attacking him, I switched it off. I know a pre-planned Democrat narrative when I hear one.

The bottom line of this whole mess is that the Democrat Party is once again excusing and defending the violation of the law by attacking those who seek to uphold the law. We saw this yesterday when the Senate Democrats blocked any attempts to stop the illegal practice of the Sanctuary City.

And we’re seeing it again in the excusing and shielding of Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she broke the law.

When you get right down to it, for Hillary Clinton, America is one big Sanctuary City. No matter where she goes, no matter what she does, she can violate the laws of this nation with impunity. She will be shielded from prosecution just as illegals are in Sanctuary cities.

And just like their defense of the illegal Sanctuary City, Democrats go out of their way to protect and defend, not the rule of law, but a flagrant lawbreaker. But it isn’t enough to just protect the lawbreakers. Democrats seek to elevate them.

Democrats aren’t just protecting and defending those who violate our immigration laws; they are seeking to elevate them to citizens.

Sanctuary Cities flagrantly defy the law, and Democrat lawmakers in Washington not only defend them, they block any attempts to strip them of Federal funds (courtesy of law-abiding taxpayers).

Likewise, Democrats aren’t just ignoring Hillary Clinton’s violation of the law; they are seeking to elevate her to President and Commander-in-Chief.

There is no equality under the law when Democrats decide someone is above the law.

And for them, Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Aliens and Hillary Clinton have been deemed above the law.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh talked about when he heard Margaret Thatcher discuss the meaning of “the rule of law” [from].

“The rule of law, the simplest way to explain it — it may sound self-explanatory — but what is the law? It’s just a bunch of words on paper. Or a bunch of words on a computer display. What is it that forces people, inspires people to obey those words? Just because words are written down on a piece of paper saying this is not permissible, you can’t do that, here’s the crime, here’s the penalty for the crime, blah, blah, the rule of law is the acceptance and understanding of its primacy and respect for it.”

This respect for the primacy of the rule of law is what makes us a civil society. And Rush is right. That has all but evaporated in this country.

When an entire political party decides not to enforce immigration laws, or a city decides illegals within their jurisdiction will be exempted from prosecution, we cease to be a civil society.

When someone running for President of the United States can willfully violate the law and be rewarded with her party’s nomination, we cease to be a civil society.

Laws written on paper are meaningless when there is no respect for the rule of law.

Democrats prove time and time again that they do not respect the rule of law.

Not when it comes to illegals. Not when it comes to Sanctuary Cities. Not when it comes to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The whole of the Democrat Party acts as if all of the United States is Hillary Clinton’s personal Sanctuary City.

Clearly Hillary thinks it is.

Did she not in fact just get away with violating the Espionage Act? Is she not, even as I write this, being shielded from her own lawlessness by elected Democrats — Representatives of the People?

For Democrats, it isn’t enough to ignore lawlessness. Lawlessness must be rewarded. Those who violate the law must be elevated.

When those in Washington DC who are ostensibly the “Lawmakers” do not have respect for the rule of law, what is the point of having Lawmakers? What’s the point of having laws?

And we, the little people?

What of us?

When our Representative Government no longer respects the rule of law and exempts and defends some lawbreakers while seeking to punish others, have we not rejected the self-evident premise of our founding?

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Equality under the law is respect for the rule of law.

Sanctuary cities show no respect for it.

Hillary Clinton shows no respect for it.

And elected Democrats — those demagogic liars who complain endlessly about “inequality” — simply turn and look the other way.

Lying under oath

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  • July 7, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    It’s obvious that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch thought they were in a Sanctuary Cessna when they had their illegal, ex parte tête-à-tête about everything BUT their grandkids!

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