Is Ann Coulter prescient or is the Left just unoriginal?

Ann Coulter

I used to be a Liberal. Some of you know that.

And the one thing that got me to rethink my Liberalism was the book Slander by Ann Coulter.

Now, I didn’t decide to read Slander in order to be convinced I was wrong. Instead, I read it so I could see just how wrong Ann Coulter was.

Yeah. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Ah, well. The best laid plans, as they say.

By the time I got to the end of the first chapter of Slander, I had to admit everything Ann Coulter said about Liberals was on-the-nose.

And though Slander is fifteen years old, it is just as on-the-nose today as it was when I first read it in early 2003.

Just yesterday, I posted about Chris Pratt making a blazingly obvious statement on Hollywood’s disconnect with ordinary Americans, and then hastily retracting it when faced with offended Liberals’ outrage.

And on Friday, I wrote about the sneering contempt coming from Liberals over Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin visiting President Trump in the White House.

But nothing – absolutely nothing – is new about this arrogant condescension of the Left.

Fifteen years ago, Ann Coulter wrote this in Slander:

It is important for liberals to demean the people they oppose to reinforce their sense of class superiority. Anyone can associate himself with the elite by adopting the left’s snooty superiority and laughing at Republicans for being dumb hicks. Adopting the prejudices of the powerful interests is a way of saying you are with the “in” crowd. You are with the cool Hollywood types who hang out with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn and David Geffen – not the working-class hillbillies who go to NASCAR races.

Is Ann Coulter prescient?

No. She just knows Liberals. And the truth is, for all their talk about being “progressive,” Liberals never change.

In Chapter Seven of Slander, “The Joy of Arguing with Liberals: You’re Stupid!” Ann wrote:

If liberals were prevented from ever again calling Republicans dumb, they would be robbed of half their arguments. To be sure, they would still have “racist,” “fascist,” “homophobe,” “ugly,” and a few other highly nuanced arguments in the quiver. But the loss of “dumb” would nearly cripple them. Like clockwork, every consequential Republican to come down the pike is instantly, invariably, always, without exception called “dumb.”

You know. Like how they attack Donald Trump.

The more things change, the more Liberals stay the same.

Reading Slander is as educational today as it was in 2002 when it was released. Sure, the cast of characters may change, but the Left never does.

And if you add her 2011 book Demonic, not only will you have a firm grip on the Liberals’ use of slander, but you’ll also understand the Left’s embrace of the mob.

From Chapter 1 of Demonic:

Everything else changes, but mobs are always the same. A mob is an irrational, childlike, often violent organism that derives its energy from the group. Intoxicated by messianic goals, the promise of instant gratification, and adrenaline-pumping exhortations, mobs create mayhem, chaos and destruction, leaving a smoldering heap of wreckage for their leaders to climb to power.

Thinking of Antifa? Black Lives Matter? The Pro-Amnesty Illegal Groups like La Raza?

The mob names may change, but the Democrats embrace of the mob never ever will.

Democrats activate mobs, depend on mobs, coddle mobs, publicize and celebrate mobs – they are the mob.

When you understand that the Left never changes — more specifically, it never changes its tactics – the easier it is to combat them.

And these two books by Ann Coulter are the perfect manuals for understanding and combatting the Left.

Antifa as a group may be new on the scene, but there is absolutely nothing new about them.

The Twelfth Chapter of Demonic is perfectly titled “Imaginary Violence from the Right vs. Actual Violence from the Left.”

And isn’t that exactly what we are seeing unfold today?

Every supposed “hate crime” perpetrated by a Trump supporter has been shown to be a hoax.

But on the Left violence is rampant. Buildings are looted and destroyed. Vehicles are overturned and set ablaze. Masked thugs attack innocent victims with pepper spray, sticks, bats, bricks and M80 fireworks.

There’s a reason I read Ann’s books over and over again.

And this is it.

Our enemy is the Institutional Left.

And there is not one thing they are doing today that they haven’t done for decades.

Really, how much difference is there between the KKK — the militant arm of the Democrat Party from a hundred years ago — and Antifa — the militant arm of the Democrat Party today?

The only difference is the color of their uniforms.

Well, that and there weren’t many KKK members with dreadlocks, bike locks and nose rings.

I always say that it is vital to understand the enemy we are up against.

And if I had to name only two books that could help you do that, they would still, to this day, be Slander and Demonic.

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