Are we too far gone?

Yesterday, my brother and I were texting back and forth about the always moronic Melissa Harris-Perry PhDunce who, the other day on MSNBC declared that describing someone as being a hard worker is racist because it is disrespectful of the slave experience.

I texted to my brother that Harris-Perry acts as if slavery were still in existence here in the United States.

My brother’s response was telling. “I don’t think we’re swirling in the bowl anymore…I think we’re past the trap and on that long slippery ride into the sewer system/septic tank.”

I read that and felt a knot in my stomach. It was that same knot that has been waking me up in the middle of the night for the last week or so. That knot that is gnawing away at me in the wee hours as I lie there in bed asking myself, are we too far gone?

Have we reached the point where there is no hope of restoring this nation?

Consider this.

Last Thursday, a major Presidential candidate appeared before a House committee and, under oath, lied her ass off. Then, when she was done, she went out and celebrated her “winning” the day.

Did she celebrate “justice” and “right” winning the day?

No. She celebrated because she got away with lying under oath.

Her campaign fundraised off of her lying, and raised more money in that day than any day prior. Her poll numbers in Iowa skyrocketed over her only viable opponent. And the Enslaved Press declared her unbeatable.

Because she got away with it.

This is the person the Democrats proudly call their “inevitable” nominee.

A woman who has on several occasions over the last few weeks proudly claimed that she, as President, would violate the Constitution and act unilaterally to impose her agenda on the country — whether regarding illegal aliens or guns.

A woman who has broken the law for financial gain. A woman who set up an elaborate private email server for the sole purpose of avoiding Freedom of Information laws. A woman so corrupt and incompetent that under her leadership, the State Department simply lost six billion dollars. A woman so power-hungry that she sacrificed the lives of Americans in Benghazi on the altar of personal advancement and political gain.

Are we too far gone? Have we reached the point where someone this corrupt and incompetent would actually be considered “presidential” by nearly half of the people in this country?

Someone as felonious as Hillary Clinton would never even been seriously considered a viable presidential candidate twenty years ago.

And yet she is the frontrunner of the modern Democrat Party.

Even some “conservative” pundits believe that she will be the next President of the United States.

How could that happen? Have we really gone so far down that this vile and despicable harridan could find herself so close to the White House?

We have become an amoral society. We have lost all sense of right and wrong. Colleges and universities are spitting out a generation of pantywaists and idiots who are incapable of being morally or intellectually challenged. Leftists have become so vile and disgusting they celebrate abortion as if it is a sacrament. We are bending over backwards to accommodate the unhealthy delusions of a small, tiny minority of people who think they’re the opposite sex.

We’ve tied our language in knots. Now law enforcement is “brutality” while the brutality of abortion is “healthcare.” Now freedom is evil and fairness is “equality.”

We are lied to by politicians, the Enslaved Press and teachers.

Racism is evil, unless of course the race attacked is white.

Government has become more important than country. Liberty and Justice have been replaced by “fairness” and “payback.”

Those who fail are rewarded and those who work hard are vilified and attacked.

We have a Justice Department that no longer seeks to uphold the law. Rather, it is so politically motivated that it simply shrugs off the criminal activity of the Internal Revenue Service as being nothing more than “bad management.”

Believing in secure borders and a logical immigration system is now called “xenophobic” and “racist.”

It is “anti-American” to believe in a strong America.

Elected officials care more about foreign nationals in this country illegally than they do about American citizens. So much so, that they turn a blind eye to the amount of violent crime committed by illegals including rape and murder.

The Enslaved Press isn’t even trying to pretend to be objective anymore.

I have read through the book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich several times. The first time, I found myself thinking, “How could a nation let a monster like Hitler come to power?”

I don’t think that anymore.

If the nation that defeated Hitler could become in so many ways just as enslaved to a wicked ideology as Germany did in the 1930s, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

We aren’t “losing” our country. I fear that our country is lost.

I fear my brother is right. We’re not swirling the bowl. We’ve been flushed.

To tell you the truth, I don’t see much hope for this nation.

We are drowning in debt. And nobody gives a damn.

We have no moral compass. None.

There is no sense of right and wrong. Not in the least.

Take this video from South Carolina of the police officer trying to remove an unruly student from a classroom. I have no doubt whatsoever that this girl will learn the lesson that her being defiant and disruptive has its rewards. She will be celebrated while the school’s attempts to discipline her will be vilified.

We have become a culture that rewards bad behavior, that celebrates violence, that honors those who dishonor others, that advances immorality and portrays morality as evil.

How do we come back from this?

Are we too far gone?

Jonah Goldberg coined the phrase “Liberal Fascism.” Tyranny cloaked in the politics of “good intentions.” But it is tyranny nonetheless.

Tyranny over language to the point where saying someone is a “hard worker” is racist! Tyranny over thought where Freedom is considered evil, Capitalism is racist, critical thinking is discouraged and Liberty is considered selfish.

Political correctness is the tyranny of well-meaning intentions.

And it’s all a lie. The goal here is to divide, not to unite.

It is a tyranny of lowered expectations. We no longer expect the press to report the truth. We no longer expect elected officials to honor their oaths of office. We no longer expect government to be limited in its power and reach. We no longer expect people to strive for better.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could someone like Hillary Clinton be considered a “frontrunner” for President.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could a high school student be excused for violent and disruptive behavior.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could victimhood be celebrated while hard work attacked as “privilege.”

Only in a society of lowered expectations could an idiot like Melissa Harris-Perry have a national television program, a rabble-rousing criminal be made a professor in Yale’s Divinity School, and a psychologically unstable man be made Woman of the Year.

Only in a society of lowered expectations can a weaponized Internal Revenue Service be excused for violating the civil liberties of American citizens who politically disagree with the President.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could we care more about mentally ill people being able to use the opposite sex’s bathrooms than we do about the crippling government debt that will, in our lifetime, bring this nation to its knees.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could we be satisfied with half of the American workers earning less than thirty thousand dollars a year.

Only in a society of lowered expectations could someone as corrupt, inexperienced and incompetent as Barack Obama become President of the United States — not once, but twice.

How the hell do we turn this around?

How do we stop the bleeding?

Are we too far gone?

The only way we can turn this around is to fight back. FIGHT BACK.

We have to stop being afraid of being attacked by these hateful Leftist tyrants who control the media, government and both political parties. If they attack us, we have to start hitting back twice as hard.

Americans love fighters. Think of how we celebrated those Americans who disarmed that terrorist on the French train. We love it when people fight for what is right.

It’s time for each of us to become that person who fights. We have to fight back.

We’re losing this country. We don’t have time to wait until someone comes along to fight for us. We have to fight for ourselves. Our freedom. Our Liberty. Our nation.

We have to fight back.

Are we too far gone

We are too far gone to wait for someone else to take up the fight.

We have to fight as if our future depends on it.

Because it does.

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2 thoughts on “Are we too far gone?

  • October 29, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    I heard Paul Ryan’s speech today accepting the Speaker of the House position and I yelled at my radio. He was saying that he would “wipe the slate clean” and that the American people needed help and were looking to Congress to help them.

    I don’t want to wipe the slate clean. Progressive bastards are abusing power and ruining this great nation. And I don’t want a Congress that sees its job as helping the American people. I want a Congress that sees its job as limited by the Constitution to a narrow set of defined duties and that wants to shrink back to what it was meant to be in order to free the American people from repressive government and rather than help us, leave us the hell alone.

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