The Astro-Turf Talking Points Brigade

Talking Points

Have you noticed the striking similarity in the talking points used by both Democrat politicians and their surrogates in Hollywood?

It almost seems as if they were all given a set of talking points and deployed throughout social media to peddle them.

Well, it probably seems that way because it is that way.

Take a look at these tweets from some “celebrities.”

Odd, isn’t it?

It’s as if they all got the same talking points.

Let’s go back to last year for a moment.

When WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails, most folks were scouring through them hoping to find that one smoking gun – the email that would completely ruin Hillary Clinton and send her to prison.

But I didn’t set my sights that high.

In fact, I went through the emails so that I could see how the sausage was made. And what I discovered was that the Democrat Party has completely adopted the methods of Obama’s Organizing for America.

And, in that respect, the Podesta emails were a treasure trove.

It was abundantly clear from those emails that Team Clinton had an army of willing surrogates in Hollywood and media who would happily take their talking points and regurgitate them on Twitter or Facebook.

The Clinton campaign actually had what is called a “Director of Surrogates.” This woman’s job was to send out the talking points to all those helpful sheep who would then burp them out on social media.

I found one email from September 14, 2015 where the “Director of Surrogates” issued her marching orders.

At the time, Hillary had released this unbelievably ironic video:

The “Director of Surrogates” then emailed the Clinton campaign’s Talking Points Brigade with instructions on how to proceed:

Friends –
Earlier today in Iowa, Hillary made a powerful statement on the need to confront the epidemic of campus sexual assault. Her message is really resonating with young women, and now we need your help amplifying it.
*Share this video* of Hillary saying to survivors of sexual assault: “We’re with you.” Here’s sample language you can use, but feel free to personalize.
*“We’re with you.” @hillaryclinton’s message to survivors of sexual assault.
*[email protected] wants survivors of sexual assault to know that they have the right to be heard and believed.
Or if you prefer, you can also RT/share the post from Hillary’s accounts:
Twitter, Facebook
[image: Inline image 1]
Thanks for your continued support! As always if you need anything, please let me or one of my colleagues on the Surrogate Team know.
Best, Diane

This is how it works.

And this is exactly what is happening now regarding gun control.

They’ve settled on the talking points and everyone falls in line to repeat them.

See, when we learned that Jimmy Kimmel was getting his healthcare talking points directly from Chuck Schumer, it didn’t surprise me in the least.

Because I read through the Podesta Emails. And I see how they coordinate with their so-called surrogates in media and entertainment.

To me this is a smoking gun from those emails.

Nothing is grassroots. Nothing – not one thing – happens organically.

It is all coordinated.

The truth is, if you know how the sausage is made, this sort of crap stops working.

These celebrities didn’t just suddenly come upon the exact same talking points independently of each other.

It is coordinated and planned.

Every single time.

Whether it’s healthcare or guns or abortion – they have their talking points supplied and their marching orders given.

And then they dutifully burp them out to their mind-numbed followers.

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2 thoughts on “The Astro-Turf Talking Points Brigade

  • October 4, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Who knew Donny Most was still alive eh? This virtue signalling tweet should put him back on top he must figure.

  • October 4, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Spot on Dianny.

    They also coordinate via text message especially the politicians. is great one for putting out talking points.

    Anyone else think the book “1984” became a handbook instead of a horrible warning?

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