The Bad Theater of the Schiff Memo


Last night the Executive Branch sent the Schiff Memo back to the House Intelligence Committee letting them know that the DOJ and FBI would not sign off unless specific redactions were made.

But trust me. This is exactly what Adam Schiff wanted.

The Schiff Memo was never intended to be a serious attempt to address the so-called inaccuracies of the Nunes Memo.

Instead, Adam Schiff deliberately included sensitive information knowing it would need to be redacted – all so he could set up this bit of Bad Theater.

In other words, the memo was a prop in an elaborate stage play starring the Democrats in Congress and their water-carriers in the press.

And right on cue, the stars of this Bad Theater took the stage to deliver their lines.

It’s a good thing these stage players were permitted to deliver their lines over Twitter and not live on stage. My guess is, it would have sounded something like this:

This is nothing but bad theater, you guys.

Schiff knew his memo couldn’t be released as is. And he wrote it that way just so they could have this moment in the spotlight to sputter with outrage and accuse the President of hiding something and misleading the American people.

Once you peek behind the curtain and see how the Democrat Kabuki is done, it doesn’t work on you anymore.

If you’re like me, you knew this was going to be the outcome the moment Adam Schiff announced he was writing this memo.

Because, let’s face it, the Democrats may be all theater, but they are really bad at it.

Nothing the Democrats do happens organically.

Instead, everything is contrived, scripted and staged – even down to the very costumes they wear.

They aren’t really lawmakers; they just play them on TV.

And not very well.

Given how cozy their relationship with Hollywood is, you’d think they’d be better at it.

But their theatrics are awful.

The scenery chewing, the B-movie over-acting, the badly-written scripts, the obvious “plot twists” – they really do suck at this.

Unfortunately, there are people stupid enough to still fall for these ham-handed dramatics.

They’re the ones on Twitter shrieking like dyspeptic poodles about treason, obstruction of justice and impeachment.

If I had to guess, I’d say these gullible saps must be the great-great-grandchilden of those folks who, over a hundred years ago, thought the moving picture of the train rushing toward the camera put their lives in danger.

This whole Kabuki surrounding RussiaGate has never been anything but theater – and bad theater at that – since the very beginning.

And the more their plot falls apart, the more outlandish their performances become.

I’d love to laugh myself silly over the absurdity of it all.

But knowing that these clowns are actually elected officials with oversight of our government is too unnerving to find any of this amusing.

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