Barry’s obsession with history

After lecturing the Brits, our illustrious President jetted to Germany where he lectured those Germans who would question the destruction of their culture by Angela Merkel’s inept and short-sighted “refugee” policy. You see, those Germans who don’t appreciate gang rapes, jihad by emigration, and footing the bill to provide every possible welfare subsidy to supposed “refugees” are on the wrong side of history my friends. But his good pal Angela got it right.

“She is on the right side of history on this,” the history-obsessed Obama declared. “She is giving voice, I think, to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide them. And I’m very proud of her for that and I’m proud of the German people for that.”

Yup. Nothing like gang rapes to bring people together.

Obama has always been obsessed with history and being on “the right side” of it.

Back in 2014 after Russia invaded Crimea, I wrote the following column (which is now available in my second volume of columns, RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama.

The Wrong Side of History – March 4, 2014

President Bluster-Pants proclaimed yesterday that by invading the Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will be on the wrong side of history.

Naturally the Twitters erupted in guffaws over this latest example of Obama’s lack of self-awareness.

But Obama making this proclamation tells you two very salient things about this narcissistic man-child. Neither of them are particularly good news.

Number One: Barack Obama is obsessed with “history” and being “historic.”

I’m a huge fan of the television show “24.” In the first season, a black Senator, David Palmer, is running for President. In the first episode, he is reviewing a speech that he will be giving in the morning, and he cringes at the use of the word “historic” in describing his campaign. He tells his speechwriter that he feels it is self-serving to proclaim that his candidacy is “historic.” His speechwriter points out to him that, well, his campaign is historic. But to Senator Palmer, actually saying it was inappropriate.

Barack Obama has no such qualms. Self-serving pretty much sums up his entire public life. Obama talked endlessly about his “historic” campaign, his “historic” win, and his “historic” Presidency.

Obama is obsessed with the idea of being “historic.”

The problem with obsessing about how you will be perceived by future generations, is that you aren’t paying attention to how you are acting in the present.

The reason that Obama, as long as he is President, will never permit the repeal of Obamacare despite the disaster that it has become is because he wants to be the one who is remembered in history books as the President who succeeded where all other Presidents failed and got socialized medicine passed in the United States.

It doesn’t matter that it is a rotting, stinking corpse.

It doesn’t matter that the law is unworkable.

It doesn’t matter that the majority of Americans want it gone.

All that matters to him is what will be written in the history books.

Obama is so obsessed with being a part of history that he is blinded to the present.

There’s a saying, that if you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you’re pissing all over today.

That’s Obama’s problem.

Another “24” reference. This time, from the final season.

President Allison Taylor is about to sign the single greatest peace agreement in the history of the nation. Maybe even the history of the world. She becomes so blinded by the idea of being that President who finally brings peace to the Middle East, that she covers up the Russians involvement in the murder of the President of the Islamic Republic. She tries to have Jack Bauer killed so that he can’t reveal the Russians’ involvement.

She becomes so obsessed with being a part of history, she makes all the wrong moves in the here and now.

This is Obama’s fundamental flaw. He sees the very words that will be written about him by future generations. It wouldn’t surprise me if, after every speech he makes, he fantasizes about how that will be written about in the history books.

The truth about the great men and women of history is, they were just people. And most of them knew that. They didn’t see themselves carved in mountainsides. They didn’t picture themselves cast in bronze and standing atop a granite pedestal.

But Obama does.

Statue of Tyranny

Why do you think he always releases photographs of himself when he honors “historic” events?

He is like the Pharaohs, making monuments to himself. Everything about our nation and our nation’s history must be seen through the prism of Obama. His eyes are always fixed on how “history” will tell the story of the Great Healer, Barack Hussein Obama.

The second problem is that it is he, Obama who is on “the wrong side of history.”

Keep in mind, King George the Third is viewed as the tyrant whom the Americans fought a revolution to defeat.

You know the old saying, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Obama is repeating the historic mistakes of George the Third.

That’s the problem with being a narcissist.

For the narcissist, history began on the day he was born.

Obama is not on the side of History that honors the sacrifice of those men who fought for our independence. He is not on the side of history that honors the men who crafted our Constitution, and created a nation founded on Liberty.

Obama himself is on the wrong side of history.

More likely than not, Obama will be remembered as the weak, flaccid President who, in less than five years dragged the United States back into a Cold War that took forty years to end.

A man so singularly obsessed with making monuments to himself cannot see the present dangers that threaten the nation he is supposed to be leading.

This is the Great and Fatal Flaw of Barack Hussein Obama.

And that is what History will remember.


For Barack Hussein Obama, Angela Merkel is on the “right side of history” because she is on the same side that he is. For Obama, he is always right and everyone else is always wrong. British citizens who wish to leave the EU are wrong. Those who oppose the Iran Deal are wrong. Those who do not want to fling open our borders and destroy our nation’s sovereignty are wrong.

Only Obama’s agenda is on “the right side of history.” And if you want to be there beside him on “the right side of history,” you must agree with Barack — no matter the consequences, no matter the danger, no matter the outcome.

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  • April 25, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Spot on girl, as always! And you’re right; assuming we’re able to climb out of the pit that’s been dug for us, the irony will be that he will go down as the worst president we’ve ever had!

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