The best path to victory in 2018: SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT!


While it is true that the Republicans held both House seats up for election yesterday, there are still some things the Republicans better smarten up about, or 2018 may not go the way they want.

It would be short-sighted of them to think Georgia and South Carolina prove that they are on their way to victory in 2018.

Because, the way things are going, they’re not.

And no, it isn’t because the Democrats are more organized or have a better party infrastructure.

Not at all.

In fact, if the Republicans flounder in 2018, it will be a disaster of their own making.

I’ll be blunt.

It’s time for the Republican Party to wake up to the true nature of their opposition.

The Left will stop at nothing.

And more importantly, they have a solid, unwavering ally in the Enslaved Press.

Trying to play nice with Democrats — to get along or “reach across the aisle” — is suicide.

Not only that, but trying to placate the Enslaved Press is a complete waste of your time (you hear me, John McCain, you dried up old crank?).

It is possible to defeat the Left.

But not by doing things the way the Republicans have been doing them these last few years.

The truth is, Republicans have no better example on how to win than Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump not only managed to best sixteen other Republican candidates, he handily defeated the heir apparent of Barack Obama.

And he didn’t do this by “reaching across the aisle” or playing it safe.

He was unapologetic in the positions he took. And to this day he has refused to back down despite endless attacks.

But do Republicans saddle up and follow his lead?

No. They distance themselves from him – barely giving him tepid support.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Republicans refuse to see that Trump’s example would work for them in 2018.

Instead they mince about, desperate to gain the approval of the mainstream news media, the coastal elites and their Democrat colleagues.

They remain too timid to take bold positions. And they refuse to fight like hell to advance their own President’s agenda.

If they want a clear path to victory in 2018, it’s time to bravely and unwaveringly support our President.

Americans want action, solutions, follow-through and results.

They want fighters who stand up for them and refuse to back down even when faced with viscous opposition.

That’s exactly why Americans rallied behind Donald Trump.

He was fearless and stuck by us no matter what kind of slanderous garbage the Left spit out.

Yet Congressional Republican can barely eke out even lukewarm support for our President and his agenda.

They’re letting the Democrat minority call the shots.

So despite winning last night’s elections, the Republican party would do well to get in gear, support our President and start winning legislatively.

Let me put this bluntly.

The Democrats won’t change. So you guys have to bulldoze right over them. Just in the same way Donald Trump bulldozed his way into the White House.

The Enslaved Press will never support you. So you have to go over their heads completely. Just in the same way Donald Trump is doing every day.

Americans love winners. What’s more, we love fighters. And we happily reward those who fight like hell for us.

After years of waiting for feckless Republicans to grow a backbone, Mr. Trump’s no-holds-barred, no BS campaign was a refreshing and welcome change.

It’s high time Republicans learn from that.

Sure, you can take these two House victories and carry on as you have been.

But I guarantee you, come 2018, you guys will be struggling to maintain your majorities.

Saddle up. And get to work.

Fight like hell to get the President’s ambitious agenda passed.

If you go bold and proudly stand with the President, the American people will be behind you.

If you dismiss the demagoguery of the Enslaved Press, the American people will be behind you.

And if you refuse to back down – despite the inevitable slings and arrows from the Left — the American people will be behind you.

In this time in our history, we need leaders who are unafraid to lead even when leading becomes difficult.

Now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. Because frankly, you don’t have many laurels to rest on.

The best plan for victory in 2018 is the legislative action you take right now.

Because Americans want action. They want results.

Securing our borders, unleashing our economy, reducing the tax burden, cutting waste and spending, undoing the damage, corruption and rot from the Obama years – this is the work we want you doing.

And while you’re at it, get off the fence and show us some unwavering support for the President we elected. Fight for his agenda. Be as bold and fearless as he is. And get to work helping him Make America Great Again.

Trust me. You do that and the Democrats won’t stand a chance in 2018.

No matter how much money Hollywood spends on their campaigns.

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2 thoughts on “The best path to victory in 2018: SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT!

  • June 21, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Come on Dianny. You’re aware that DC is controlled by a two-headed snake. Commie Dems and their Republicrat comrades.

  • June 21, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    I’m imagining there’s foreign spit inside of Paul Ryan’s iced tea. lolz.

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