Beto puts campaign on pause to campaign on the bodies of the dead

Beto puts campaign on pause to campaign on the bodies of the dead

According to Bloomberg, Robert Francis O’Rourke put his Presidential campaign on pause so that he could return to El Paso while it grieves.

Sounds all kinds of noble, yes?

Of course, while there Beto has given endless interviews to national news outlets demanding gun confiscation and accusing President Trump of being a white supremacist.

But he’s not campaigning, y’all.  He’s grieving.

What a load of crap.

I have absolutely no doubt that O’Rourke saw this horrific mass murder in El Paso as his ticket to more exposure.  Hey, when God gives you lemons, right?

No, I’m not the cynical one here; Beto is.

If he truly put his campaign on pause so he could grieve with his community, wouldn’t he avoid the news media? Wouldn’t he tell them, “Listen, I’ve put my campaign on pause. I’m not here to give interviews, but to grieve. So please leave El Paso in peace in our time of mourning.”

But that isn’t what he’s doing is it? Instead, Beto has gotten his face on TV more this week than he has since he first announced his candidacy.

He hasn’t given this many national interviews since he ran for the Senate in 2018.

Beto’s didn’t put his campaign on pause.  Instead, he’s standing on the bodies of the dead with his finger on the fast forward button.

Mr. Zero Percent hopes the deaths of twenty-two people will be just the shot in the arm his flailing Presidential campaign needs.

Beto is like Al Sharpton — if Al Sharpton was a white Irish guy pretending to be Mexican. He is rushing to the scene to pour gasoline on the fire in hopes it will elevate his public profile.

And that isn’t just shamefully opportunistic.  It’s ghoulish and disgraceful.

Just how badly is Beto’s campaign for President going if he thinks exploiting the dead is electoral gold?

And why in heaven’s name would anyone want someone so craven and cynical ever setting foot in the White House?

O’Rourke isn’t just an opportunist; he’s a parasite and a ghoul – feeding off grief and tragedy in order to goose his standing in the polls.

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One thought on “Beto puts campaign on pause to campaign on the bodies of the dead

  • August 8, 2019 at 11:26 am

    Dianny said, “O’Rourke isn’t just an opportunist; he’s a parasite and a ghoul”. Well stated, a leech is a parasite that feeds off the blood of others.

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