Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years

When I was in college, part of the Christmas tradition on campus was gathering in Sky Lounge and listening to Professor McMillan read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

Yeah, I went a Christian college. Our ways are probably strange and peculiar to most college students today.

Dr. McMillan did it up right. He’d sit by the fire in a rocking chair and read the story of Jesus’ birth.

And maybe that’s why I have my own tradition of sharing the Christmas story here at Patriot Retort.

Instead of simply reading the Gospel of Luke, I like to share a column I wrote in December 2014: “Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years.”

But what do you expect? is political commentary site after all.

But it’s still Christmasy.

So enjoy.

Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years – December 10, 2014

Well, hell. It’s snowing. And it’s been snowing for more than twelve hours. From the looks of things, the snow isn’t fixing to stop any time soon.

To some, the sight of all this snow inspires the holiday spirit. The whole, “Oh, look outside, honey. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

In the interests of full disclosure. I am not one of those people.

I love Christmas.

But I hate snow.

But I’ll play along.

“Oh, wowie! Look everyone! Snow!”

Nope. Sorry. Just isn’t working for me.

Any old how.

During a town hall in Nashville, Barack Obama once again proved to the world that he knows absolutely nothing about the Bible [hat tip Breitbart]. You see, Joseph and Mary, according to this noted theologian, were homeless wanderers forced to hole up in a stable.

If you have been a regular reader of mine, this particular theme will sound familiar because I touched on it last Christmas.

You know. The last time Barack Obama, Biblical Scholar declared that Mary and Joseph were illegal aliens who had no home in Bethlehem and had to live in the shadows of a stable.

Now, I’m probably not as knowledgeable a Biblical Scholar as Barack Obama.

You see, I only hold a measly Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.

However, permit me to provide Barack with some, oh, what’s the word, context.

Rome was a micromanaging, Big Government that loved to stick its nose into the lives of the people who lived under its rule.

Sound familiar?


Moving on.

During the time of Caesar Augustus, when Quirinius was the Governor of Syria, Rome decreed that a census be performed. Now, the Roman Postal Service didn’t mail everyone a seventeen page form to find out how many people lived in your home, do you have health insurance, how many are gay, or what color your skin is.

Instead, they forced everyone to return to the city of their birth where they would be registered for the census.

So, if you lived in Nazareth, but were born in Bethlehem, you had to pack up your family and set out for Bethlehem in order to be counted in the Big Government Census.

Joseph, being from the House of David, was from Bethlehem.

So, despite the fact that his wife Mary was exceedingly pregnant, they had to pack a bag and make the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be in compliance with the Roman census decree.

I’m sure some pencil-pushing hag named Loisius Lernerus was sitting in her office in Rome making sure that the Jews were super-inconvenienced by this census.

But that’s just conjecture on my part and in no way substantiated in the Bible.

Joseph and Mary were not relocating to Bethlehem.

Joseph and Mary were not sneaking into Bethlehem illegally so that Joseph could become an olive-picker in the fields while Mary made beds in Bethlehem’s one and only inn.

They were mandated by the Roman Government to haul their fannies to their city of birth in order to comply with a governmental decree.

And they weren’t the only ones having to do it.

Everyone who was born in Bethlehem, along with their families, were also making the trip.

Now, Bethlehem wasn’t Miami or Las Vegas. It wasn’t known for all of its ample tourist accommodations.

As a result, there was precious little room for all these people mandated by a government decree to return to Bethlehem and be counted in a Big Government Census.

Since accommodations were limited, and Joseph had himself an enormously pregnant wife, they found a place protected from the elements and slept there.

It happened to be a stable.

You see. Joseph and Mary were not illegal aliens.

They were complying with a Big Government mandate.

If you want to take something away from this story about the circumstances that brought them to the stable, it should be:

Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years

Big Government

Let’s face it. Had Rome not decreed this census be taken in the manner it was, Joseph and Mary would have welcomed their baby to the world from the comfort of their own home in Nazareth.

Obama wants to use the story of Jesus’ birth as a lesson. Sadly, as is usually the case with Obama, he failed to get the right lesson.

They were not homeless people, but citizens inconvenienced in order to comply with a government mandate.

They were not illegal aliens, but citizens forced to take a trip at a difficult time in order to comply with a government mandate.

But, don’t be too hard on Obama.

If I had attended a church where the minister told his congregation that “G*d-Damn America” is in the Bible, I probably would be a little confused as well.

Of course, Obama also claimed in this same town hall that the Bible says, “Don’t throw stones in glass houses.”

Ah, yes. If I’m not mistaken, Solomon installed plenty of double-pane, energy-efficient windows when he built the Temple in Jerusalem. They went nicely with the solar panels on the roof. Turns out the reason Solomon was so wise was because he was Green Compliant.

Obama, some advice. The problem with trying to convince Christians to support your Unconstitutional Amnesty by misquoting the Bible is most of them probably know the Bible better than you do. They know that the Bible doesn’t say anything about glass houses since, well, you know, glass houses didn’t exist. And they know that Mary and Joseph were not homeless, illegal vagabonds who jumped the border into Bethlehem in order to get the Roman equivalent of Food Stamps.

Jesus isn’t a cat’s paw for you to pull out and utilize to sell your illegal, unconstitutional acts.

Truth is, Jesus wasn’t ever very keen on people abusing the religion of his “folks.”

Those who tried to profit from pilgrims by setting up booths within the Temple were promptly, and might I add, violently expelled by Jesus.

Stick to your strengths, Barack.

Quote the Koran.

Quote Rules for Radicals.

Jesus isn’t a campaign prop. So, please. Leave the Bible alone.

And at this special time of the year, Barack, permit me to leave you with this passage from Proverbs, Chapter 10:
“A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom.”

And now, I have to go shovel snow.

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5 thoughts on “Big Government: Inconveniencing Families for 2000 Years

  • December 23, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    Great article. Have a Merry Christmas.

  • December 23, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    Many people have misunderstood what is meant by “staying in the stables” in that story as well as what “No room in the Inn” meant. In the architecture of the time of Christ’s birth, homes were built on a 2.5 level plan. When one entered the home, one was greeted by the stable, where the concentration of the family’s wealth was kept safe. These animals were not left out where they could be stolen. This was also the area where the cooking /eating was accomplished (though many kitchens were actually out back, outside.) Going up (usually 4-6 feet up) behind the stable was the sleeping loft where the family slept. Then on the roof was a penthouse arrangement – a guest room called the inn. Visiting family and close friends were put up there when they were traveling in your area. So when the couple arrived to stay with relatives in Bethlehem, they were late arriving because of Mary’s advanced pregnancy causing them to move more slowly and some other relative was already occupying the inn. Rather than cast them out into the street, the relative placed them in the front room with the animals in the stables.

    Or at least that has more agreement with the archaeology and architecture of that time and place. It also doesn’t contradict the text in the least, just our modern perceptions of the story.

  • December 24, 2017 at 12:54 am

    “Turns out the reason Solomon was so wise was because he was Green Compliant.”

    Merry Christmas, Dianny!

  • December 24, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    I second Turd, Great!

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