Is brain damage contagious?

What the hell is wrong with Bill Clinton?

The guy is an absolute train wreck on the campaign trail.

Hard to believe that Team Clinton once thought of this guy as “Hillary’s Secret Weapon.”

Because if Bill is Hillary’s “Secret Weapon,” her arsenal is pretty much depleted.

Either both Hillary and Bill Clinton suffer from some kind of brain injury, or Hillary’s mystery brain damage is contagious.

Because Bill Clinton can’t even remember that Hillary’s campaign slogan is “Stronger Together:”

“Growing together.”


As the saying goes, “good enough for government work,” I suppose.

For crying out loud, Bill! You can’t remember your wife’s own campaign slogan?!

The damn thing is printed right in front of his face. It’s stamped on the damn bus behind him. The people in the crowd are waving signs with “STRONGER TOGETHER” printed in great big letters.

How friggin’ hard is it for Bill Clinton to remember two words? “Stronger” and “Together.”

Either the old coot is just too damn senile to retain such simple information as that, or Hillary’s brain damage rubbed off on him.

No wonder the Podesta emails are loaded with campaign staff complaining about Bill.

Hillary’s supposed Secret Weapon is backfiring louder than an old Buick.


[Hat tip Weasel Zippers]

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2 thoughts on “Is brain damage contagious?

  • October 25, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    He’s just dreaming about the acres of pussy he’ll be grabbing soon.

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