From Bully to Victim in 2.5 Seconds


Ya gotta hand it to the Left.

They are masters at shifting gears.

One minute they’re being utterly repugnant and horrible. Then, when the consequences of their actions blow up in their faces, they shift from attacker to victim faster than you can say, “It was art.”

I know I keep using this video, but there is no better analogy for how Leftists behave.

Kathy Griffin stepped on a rake of her own making when she proudly publicized that gruesome and graphic image of herself holding a bloody, severed Donald Trump head.

And even before the smoke clears, Griffin is already playing the Victim.

She’s hired a lawyer.

And today, that lawyer will be holding a press conference with Griffin to discuss how Kathy is now a victim of “bullying” from the Trump family.

Given how quickly she’s shifting from ugly attacker to poor victim, don’t be surprised is she’s wearing a neck-brace in today’s press conference.

Going from bully to victim in 2.5 seconds is bound to give her whiplash.

“I posed with a severed head of Donald Trump and they got really upset! I’m the victim here!!”

I guess this is what passes for bullying:

What kind of monsters are they?!

Forget the Race Card. The truth is, the Victim Card is the most worn and tattered one in the Leftists’ deck.

It gives them carte blanche to say or do whatever they want.

And if they experience any righteous blowback, they simply wave the Victim Card and cry.

For people like Kathy Griffin, playing the Victim is how they avoid ever having to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions.

And isn’t that exactly what she’s doing?

Griffin isn’t an innocent bystander here. She wasn’t minding her own business when out of nowhere the Trump family took her task.

She is the creator of this mess.

And she didn’t just stumble into it by accident, did she?

In fact, it was planned, orchestrated, rehearsed and filmed.

It takes a remarkable lack of self-awareness to now paint herself as the Victim.

But I’m not surprised.

The entire stunt was nothing more than an attention-whore’s attempt to shove herself into the spotlight.

And since the initial act didn’t give her the strokes she longed for, the inevitable next step is to shift gears and play the Victim.

Sadly, Griffin will get exactly what she wants – loads of attention and pity.

Her lawyer will bemoan her mistreatment while Kathy sits looking sad and bullied beside her.

It won’t change what she did. But it will give the news media an opportunity to portray our President as a big, fat meanie.

The Left has become an amalgamation of hapless victims. Nothing is ever their fault. And they never take responsibility for the havoc they create.

So they victimize others with wild abandon. And when they’re called out for it, they accuse their victims of being the bullies while they cloak themselves in the mantle of Victimhood.

It’s perverse.

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