But remember: they’re not the Enemy of the People

So the other day, Chicago area Fox News anchor Dawn Hasbrouck posted this tweet.

Enemy of the people

[I wanted to blur the guy’s face, so I’m not embedding the tweet.]

Yes, some guy was rude to her, so she took his picture and tweeted it out so her band of flying monkey followers could track him down and harass him for being rude to her.

He didn’t assault her.

He didn’t rob her.

He committed no crime.

Yet that didn’t stop her from plastering his face all over Twitter while encouraging her followers to track him down.

But remember folks. They’re not the enemy of the people.


It just never ends.

Not even a week has gone by since the coordinated editorials decrying Trump for calling the fake news the enemy of the people.

And these assholes just can’t stop proving him right.

The following day, this man who became her target contacted her to apologize.

Enemy of the people-02

“Thank you to everyone who was concerned.”

The only thing I was concerned about is how you set this man up for targeted harassment.

Odd how few retweets this follow-up tweet received compared to the original.

If she really was done making this guy’s life hell, perhaps she would be so kind as to delete the original tweet.

But to date she has not.

Why wouldn’t she delete it?

Certainly not because she’s the enemy of the people.

No sir.

She’s just the enemy of this one man who was rude to her.

So she singled him out, fed him to her rabid followers and sat back to see what would happen.

That is really unconscionable.

Unfortunately, it is becoming par for the course for our so-called journalistic betters.

If they don’t want to be seen as the enemy of the people, all they have to do is stop acting like the enemy of the people.

But they just cannot do it.

She deleted the “he apologized” tweet, but not the initial tweet she sent out to rile up her flying monkeys. Honestly, this woman is a piece of work.

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4 thoughts on “But remember: they’re not the Enemy of the People

  • August 21, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    My rule #1 with leftists: Never Apologize.

  • August 22, 2018 at 9:57 am

    The purpose of the exercise was to make the man submit to her outrage and apologize. To surrender to her power. To concede the issue.

    This is what the left wants to do to all of us who disagree with their agenda. We are to be ‘stoned’ metaphorically for our sins of disagreeing with them. If we dare to criticize the media as this man did, we are to be either destroyed or humiliated; or both.

    Those who do not understand that this is a war between the media/democratic party and the conservative movement should pay close attention to this incident. Imagine being publicly shamed for expressing your opinions regarding a public figure; politician, pundit or reporter? A TV anchor is a public figure and not an impartial observer as they claim. They know it and deny it. They do not care if you disagree.

    The next time you or I comment on the actions of some political figure imagine if the next morning our image and personal details are spread all over the web in an effort to force you or I to recant.

    The first amendment is not just under attack. It is being redefined to suit the needs of the democrats and liberal press and to exclude their opposition as much as possible. They have the right to spew hatred for Trump and any of his supporters all the while when we fight back we are potentially at risk for a public ‘stoning’ at the hands of social media which is also controlled by liberal forces.

    This is a conspiracy between the democratic liberal politicians and the media and outside influences such as Soros. The only way to fight this is to elect more people who will join in the fight against media bias.

    • August 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm


  • August 22, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    She has shown herself to be an “entitled elite” asswipe. Ignore her droppings and don’t watch her channel. Sans playform, the flying monkeys have no where to roost….

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