I call it the Sulu Syndrome

What is it with the actors who play Sulu in Star Trek?

In order to land the role, was it a requirement that the actor not only be Asian, but also be a political ignoramus prone to making outlandishly stupid statements on Twitter?

First you have the always inadvertently hilarious George Takei.

And now we have the equally moronic John Cho.

Of course, it is possible that playing the role of Sulu somehow transforms sentient, thinking humans into blithering idiots.

Like a sort of Sulu Syndrome. Taking Trump Derangement Syndrome where no syndrome has gone before.

Cho, tweeted out this little gem after Chicago Airport police hauled a man off a United Airlines flight in full view of cell phone cameras:

Sulu Syndrome


It’s all Trump’s fault.

Oh, Cho. Get help.

Sulu Two’s phasers may have been set on Stupid.

But the people who responded had theirs set on Stun.

Honestly, are Leftists completely embarrassment-proof?

Or, is that just another symptom of Sulu Syndrome?

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One thought on “I call it the Sulu Syndrome

  • April 11, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    “Dumb Ass” accurately describes this guy. Guess the left ran out of blaming GWB for everything, so now it’s on the DJT.

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