These chicks have a fetish for murderers

Yesterday the Pink-Topped Harpies of the Women’s March sent out this tweet:

Yes, of course they celebrate the birthday of the cop-killing fugitive Joanne Chesimard.

Is anyone really surprised by that?

The leaders of the Pussy Hat Brigade have a fetish for murderers.

After all, one of the keynote speakers at their post-Inauguration “march” was the unrepentant ex-con Donna Hylton.

Thirty years ago, Hylton – along with six other people – kidnapped and eventually murdered Thomas Vigliarolo.

For her part, Hylton contribution to this kidnapping for ransom was sodomizing the man with a three foot steel pole.

Yet she was included in this so-called Women’s March.

And then there’s convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh who killed two Israelis in a bombing then lied about her identity in order to come to the United States. She helped organize the Women’s March’s “Day Without a Woman” strike.

So is anybody surprised that the Women’s March official Twitter account would want us all to celebrate the birthday of a cop-killer?

When sane people on Twitter reacted with horror, the Women’s March tweeted out a 20-part defense of their fetish for Joanne Chesimard.

And naturally – hang on to your hats – they claimed to be the Victim of far-right attacks.

You see, those meanie-meanie people from the “far right” were just getting upset because we’re “threatened” by their “movement.”

No, you dumb broads.

We’re not threatened by you.

We’re disgusted by you.

Pretending a domestic terrorist was doing nothing but “political dissent” is an insult to our intelligence.

”Sure, Hitler was a mass-murderer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t respect the fact that he was a committed vegetarian and non-smoker.”

What’s truly sad is there are so many naïve, well-meaning do-gooders who really think the Women’s March is nothing but a peaceful part of the “ResistanceLOL.”

They’re not.

They’re a group of anti-American radicals with a fetish for murderers who are heavily funded by anti-American groups – and George Soros.

And like most of these radicals, they dress up their true intentions with smarmy, sugary words to dupe the woefully uninformed.

Which, of course, includes mind-numbed Hollywood dingbats like Ashley Judd, America Ferrera and Madonna.

But they’re not the harmless pussies they pretend to be.

I mean, come on. One of the primary organizers behind the Women’s March is the terrorist-apologist and Sharia-loving snake Linda Sarsour – that lover of Jihad.

But it’s even worse than that – as Dana Loesch points out in this video.

The “Women Power/Take Back the Night” dummies who glom on to this group are being hoodwinked.

They’re Useful Idiots.

And their frustration and angst over Hillary losing the election is being exploited by anti-American radicals whose objective is to undermine this nation as founded and delegitimize the democratically-elected President of the United States.

And the best thing we can do is expose the organizers behind the so-called “Women’s March” for the radical hate group that they are.

Maybe then, the duped females who hopped on board the Women’s March will wake the hell up and stop supporting them.

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