Closing on a low note

We’re coming down to the wire, my friends. With only four days until election day, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are busy giving voters their closing arguments of the long election season.

Donald Trump has been on message.

He has been making the case for his vision of a stronger, economically vibrant America.

Have you been watching any of his campaign events?

He’s hopeful, optimistic, excited and focused.

He hits like a hammer, yes. But he is coming from a position of strength and confidence.

This is Donald Trump’s closing argument:


And here is Hillary’s closing argument:

Four days left to go and this is what she has?


Nothing like closing on a low note.

Hillary Clinton has absolutely no affirmative case to make for her candidacy.

Unlike Donald Trump who is campaigning from a position of confidence and strength, Hillary Clinton is flailing like a desperate, grasping woman.

And when Hillary gets desperate, she goes low.

Here’s the bottom line from outside of Washington, DC.

We the American people have been bombarded with election politics for more than eighteen months.

In the last days of this election season, what we want is for the candidates to give us a reason to vote for them. We want a hopeful, positive, affirmative reason to go to the polls and pull that lever.

After eighteen months, we’re battle worn and weary from this never-ending election season.

We don’t want to listen to angry fearmongering and low-ball attacks.

We want a reason to feel hopeful and excited for the future.

Donald Trump is doing that. And it shows.

It shows not only in the polls, but in the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowds that go to see him speak.

He is giving us a vision for America. His campaign events are hopeful and optimistic. He’s running for President, but he’s clearly bringing us all along for the ride.

But Hillary Clinton?

She’s got nothing.

Nothing but campaign appearances saddled with her frantic shrieking and divisive rhetoric.


Nothing but campaign ads with baseless smears and innuendo.

Four days out and this is all that’s left in her quiver.

This hardly comes as a surprise.

When it was clear back in 2008 that Barack Obama was going to defeat her in the primaries, Hillary’s campaign went low. She became shrill and angry, defensive and resentful.

The truth is, she was never supposed to have to work for it. In Hillary’s mind, the presidency is hers.

Her campaign has never been about the country, the people, the future.

It’s always been about Hillary Clinton.

When you read through the WikiLeaks Podesta emails, it becomes blazingly obvious that running for the presidency was merely a formality. Hillary and her closest people believed from the get-go that come January 20, 2017, she would be the 45th President of the United States.

Four days out and not only is she not “fifty points ahead,” Donald Trump has all but erased her lead.

A better candidate, a less arrogant and entitled candidate, would find a way to make a positive case for herself in order to turn the tide.

But Hillary has no positive case to make.

And since there’s nothing positive about her, how can she possibly present a positive, hopeful campaign in the final days of this election?

Her closing argument has become a closing harangue as she grows ever more angry and frustrated not only at Donald Trump, but at us – the stupid voters who refuse to bend to her will.

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3 thoughts on “Closing on a low note

  • November 3, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I’ve seen her ad all over the place here in Illinois.I’ve yet to see a Trump ad.notice democrats never,ever give you a good reason to vote FOR them,it’s always attacking somebody.Their souls are as empty as their words.
    pistol pete recently posted…Five More DaysMy Profile

  • November 3, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    So desperate. She may as well have used the “WHY AREN’T I 50 POINTS AHEAD?!” clip.

  • November 3, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    Hillary says “Imagine having a president who demeans women”
    Been there, done that. His name was Bill Clinton. Guess she forgot!
    Everything she accuses Trump of, either she or her husband or both have done.
    Mike recently posted…Vintage Babe of the WeekMy Profile

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