Coal-powered disaster

Show of hands. Who expected Hillary Clinton to win West Virginia? If your hand is up, slap yourself with it. It is hardly a shock that Hillary’s electoral hopes in West Virginia were a coal-powered disaster. The woman did herself in.

In 2008, Hillary won West Virginia with 67% of the vote. Of course, Obama was already on record saying in January 2008 that if you wanted to start a coal-powered plant, you could, but you’d go bankrupt trying. So thanks to Obama’s own anti-coal sentiment in 2008, Hillary was bound to beat the pants off of Mr. Cap and Trade — not because they liked her, but because they hated her less.

That was then. This is now. In March, Hillary made her own moronic anti-coal statement and last night she, like Obama before her, paid the price.

Voters used to hate candidates who announced they would raise taxes. It’s one of the reasons Walter Mondale went down in flames. Well, that and the fact that Ronald Reagan was the incumbent who paved the way for the single biggest economic boom in modern history.

Announcing you’re going to raise taxes still makes overburdened Americans cringe. It isn’t that they don’t care about it anymore. It’s just that there aren’t as many of them paying taxes. When nearly half of the US population doesn’t pay a penny in taxes, the threat of raising taxes matters to them about as much as a June bug in July. What do they care if he or she wants to raise taxes? They won’t be paying any.

But tell a state whose entire economy revolves around coal that you’re fixing to put them out of business and kill their jobs, and you will have one enormous coal-powered disaster on your hands.

Hillary Clinton really is her own worst enemy, isn’t she?

It’s one thing to be a venal, corrupt, disgusting and despicable politician.

It’s quite another thing to be a venal, corrupt, disgusting, despicable politician who is also a completely tone-deaf candidate.

Obama was venal, corrupt, disgusting and despicable too. He was just way better at hiding it. He had excellent political instincts. In fact, the only thing Barack Obama appears to excel at is political subterfuge. It was more than enough to overcome his legion of negatives and propel him to victory, not once but twice. It’s how Obama managed to convince the majority of Americans that he genuinely cared about them when he really doesn’t give a shit about you.

Had Hillary Clinton won in 2008 and enacted every single one of Obama’s policies during her first term, Mitt Romney would have cleaned her clock in 2012. She simply could not have managed to pull off the same kind of reelection victory Obama did.

Because when you get down to brass tacks, Hillary Clinton has terrible instincts. You’d think someone with her insatiable lust for power would have honed better instincts over the last thirty years, but alas. Where Obama could fool virtually everyone without coming off phony and pandering, Hillary looks like a desperate and grasping old phony.

This is why, despite the DNC rigging the system in her favor, she cannot shake the old socialist codger who continues to rack up victories against the odds.

What’s worse, Hillary is congenitally incapable of masking the irritation and frustration she feels at her own inability to close the deal.

Coal-powered disaster

It’s ironic to me that the presidential candidate who has inherited the mantle of Obama’s shiftless political savvy is not the shiftless Democrat frontrunner, but the Republican one. Trump has succeeded in convincing a plurality of voters that he will fix everything — just like Obama did. He has convinced a plurality of voters to pay no attention to the progressive behind the curtain and just believe what he is saying now — just like Obama did. He has convinced a plurality of voters that he is their champion — just like Obama did.

Meanwhile, Hillary, the woman who literally declared that she was our champion, cannot shake her corrupt and shady past to save her life. And her bumbling 2016 campaign has not helped one iota. Her brainless comments about putting the coal industry out of business won’t be the last brainless comments she will make. She simply can’t help herself. And while Trump also has a litany of stupid comments, much like Obama, he seems incapable of paying the price for them.

The truth is, West Virginia is not going to go to the Democrats in November no matter who won the primary. The last time West Virginia went to the Democrats was twenty years ago when Hillary’s hubby Bill ran for reelection. In fact, Bill won West Virginia in both ’96 and ’92. Hell, even Dukakis carried it in 1988.

But not anymore. Like many states whose economy is linked to the fossil fuel industry, West Virginia won’t willingly commit suicide by voting for another anti-domestic energy, Climate Change crazy like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

What’s ironic is Bernie’s Climate Change agenda would be just as destructive to the coal industry as Hillary’s. But even that decrepit old coot has enough political sense not to flat-out tell West Virginians that’s what he plans to do.

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