When it comes to the Congress, Later means Never

On his way to Florida this morning, President Trump addressed questions about the so-called deal with the Democrats on the DREAM Act.

And something he said made my spider senses tingle.

The Wall will come later?

Well, that’s not good.

If Ronald Reagan’s amnesty deal with the Democrats in 1986 taught us anything it’s that when it comes to border security, later means never.

Once the Democrats and establishment Republicans get their DREAM Act, they will fight like hell to prevent the funding or construction of the Wall — or any border security measures for that matter.

It’s just how these duplicitous pieces of garbage are.

This kind of a deal is the equivalent of letting them have their dessert before making them eat their dinner.

They’ll gorge themselves on pie, then claim they just don’t have the room for the main course.

Which means, if President Trump gives in to the these guys on doing DACA first, we will never see any of the things that are supposed to come later.

But then, by the time President Trump landed in Florida, he seemed to be singing a different tune:

That’s quite a change from saying the wall will come later.

Could it be that the President spent the flight down checking his Twitter mentions?

I’ve said on several occasions that we — the Americans who voted for Donald Trump — are the last surprise.

This man won the White House against all odds because of us.

Not because of big-money, pro-Amnesty donors.

And certainly not because he was championed in the media.

Hell, he didn’t even have the support of the entire Republican caucus in Congress.

Donald Trump won because of us. We were the last surprise.

And the primary reason he won was because of his tough stance on immigration and the Wall.

The truth is, I think we have a hell of a lot more influence over Donald Trump than the Democrats or Congressional Republicans.

It’s time we use that influence.

Donald Trump isn’t the type of man to say “screw you” to all the Americans who voted for him.

After all, he isn’t Paul Ryan or John McCain.

So instead of throwing up our hands and tossing him aside, we need to remind him of why he was elected.

We need to let the President know that we won’t accept “later” when it comes to border security and the Wall.

The only “later” should be DACA – as in the Wall and border security first, then DACA later.

We didn’t vote for Illegals First/America Later; we voted for America First.

And it’s time we reminded the President of that.

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2 thoughts on “When it comes to the Congress, Later means Never

  • September 14, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    For the love of God and country, PLEASE Mr. President, DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON US!!! No amnesty. No kissing up to the left. If he wants to lose his base, he will by giving in.

  • September 14, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Well said, thank you.

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