Comey was the FBI Director not Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

I don’t know where Liberals got this idea that James Comey was personally investigating Donald Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia. You know, like he’s Sherlock Holmes or Joe Friday.

Do they not understand how the FBI works?

This Trump/Russia investigation is being handled by agents within the bureau who actually, you know, investigate things.

The Director of the FBI isn’t personally combing through documents and wearing out his shoe leather chasing down leads.

Comey was the FBI Director not Sherlock Holmes, for Pete’s sake.

Do they think that Comey was putting on his best David Caruso sunglasses and collecting carpet fibers with a pair of tweezers?

In order to believe that Trump fired Comey to obstruct this Russia investigation, one is required to suspend all rational thought.

Okay, I know.

Suspending rational thought is a prerequisite for being a Liberal.

So ask yourself this, you hyperventilating conspiracy kooks.

You say Donald Trump actually perpetrated this grand collusion with Vladimir Putin to “steal” the election from Hillary. So clearly he is one hell of a covert operator.

He has some mad skills — I mean, James Bond-level mad skills.

And if Trump is this James Bond-level genius, do you really think he would try and stop this FBI investigation by publicly terminating James Comey?

Really? Knowing that the Enslaved Press, every Democrat in Congress and all you tinfoil hat-wearing crazies would jump all over it like white on rice?

Seems a bit ham-handed from the guy who pulled off such a convoluted conspiracy to steal an election.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Yeah? Well, Donald Trump is an orange-faced clown! He’s an idiot!”

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t have it both ways.

Because if he’s just a clown and an idiot, then there is no way he could have pulled off this grand Russia conspiracy you are so convinced happened.

But then again, there is a third option.

Donald Trump isn’t a clown. And the Russia conspiracy is nothing but baloney.

And the only crime Donald Trump committed was defeating the candidate you preferred.

Trump didn’t fire Comey to stop any investigation into Russia. Comey had become an overreaching partisan hack who acted as if he was the Attorney General and not just the FBI Director.

The truth is, Comey’s departure doesn’t mean the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s supposed interference ends. The agents conducting that investigation weren’t the ones who were fired, you dinks.

However, Comey’s departure may very well result in renewed investigations into Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. And let’s not forget the nefarious unmasking and leaking by the Obama Administration.

Comey may not have personally investigated anything. But as Director, he was in the position to obstruct any investigations the FBI might do.

And let’s be honest.

That’s really what has you Liberals upset.

Even if you refuse to admit it to yourselves, you know there is far more damning evidence against Hillary Clinton and Obama than there ever was against Donald Trump for this James Bond-like Russia Conspiracy.

And all that evidence against Obama and Hillary exists here on Planet Earth and not just in your fevered, conspiracy-addled dreams.

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One thought on “Comey was the FBI Director not Sherlock Holmes

  • May 10, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    I read somewhere (sorry, I’m 70 and forget why I entered rooms from time to time) that a grand jury has already been empaneled, and “invitations” sent out.
    The late date of the firing appears to be the fault of “le resistance ” and Democrat foot dragging in the Senate. Deputy Attorney General was not confirmed until April 25, and he passed 94 to 6. DAGGER is the direct order of progression up the ladder from FBI Director.

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