Congress has snowflakes too

And here we thought precious little snowflakes who claim victimhood while acting like fascists was a phenomenon unique to college campuses. Turns out Congress has snowflakes too.

The House Democrats decided to stage a sit-in on the House floor to protest the Republican Leadership’s refusal to violate the Second and Fourth Amendments. I guess the Democrats didn’t read their oath of office — you know, the part about “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Meh. Oath schmoath.

When it comes to publicity stunts during an election year, the Constitution and Bill of Rights can go straight to hell!

Widdle Johnny Lewis, (Snowflake-Georgia) acted like he was back in the 1960s protesting against the violations of the Constitution by the Jim Crow Democrats in the South. Only problem, now Widdle Johnny is the Southern Democrat violating the Constitution.

John Lewis snowflake

But stop picking nits, Dianny!

Ben Shapiro nailed it yesterday afternoon when he posted this:


In 2013, I wrote about how the 1960s radicals have now become the people in charge of our government in a column titled Where Hippies Go to Die:

Though this may surprise you, today’s Liberals who control the levers of power sprang from the primordial ooze of the 1960s Counter Culture Movement. Yes, the folks that at one time warned us not to “trust anyone over the age of 30” and to “question authority” are now those over 30 in authority.
Does it surprise anyone out there that one of the most powerful Liberal Democrats in Washington is a dried up, over-botoxed hippie from San Francisco?
There’s not much counter about today’s Liberal Culture is there?
Remind yourselves again where our current President’s political career started. That’s right, in the living room of Bill Ayers (one of the founders of the Weather Underground of the 1960s).
The sixties’ great unwashed who danced (and I use that term loosely) to the music (and I use THAT term loosely) of Jefferson Airplane now walk the halls of the Federal Government.
Anyone with half a brain probably saw it coming. Because, the 1960s Counter Culture may have pretended to be a movement based on individualism, but it was very much a movement about conformity. If they don’t like eating meat, then you all better stop eating meat. If they don’t like war, then you all better be against the war, and if you aren’t, then, they’re going to spit on you.
That much hasn’t changed, has it? If they don’t believe in owning handguns, then nobody should be allowed to own a handgun. If they do not like smoking, then smoking should be banned everywhere. If they don’t like fossil fuels, then nobody should use fossil fuels. If they oppose 32 ounce soft drinks, then all 32 ounce soft drinks should be banned.
For all their talk about doing your own thing, what they really meant was everybody should be doing their thing.
Liberalism’s end is conformity. If Liberals get hold of power, the only logical conclusion is command and control. There could be no other result. We all should have known, if those stinking, filthy hippies ever got hold of the levers of power, we would all be living in a society where we would be told what we could and couldn’t eat, what kind of healthcare we had to have, what kind of toilets, light bulbs, shower heads, automobiles, energy sources, oh, dear, but the list is endless.
See, what pissed the hippies off wasn’t authority in general, but that they themselves weren’t in charge.
It wasn’t being told what to do that bothered them; they just wanted to be the ones to do the telling.

But just like the college snowflakes who pretend to be the victims while actually being the totalitarian fascists, these imbeciles in the Democrat Party are not the fluffy, innocent lambs standing up to “injustice” (or sitting down to it as the case may be). They are the totalitarians. They are the ones who are looking to impose their will on a free people. They are the ones who are crapping all over the rights of American citizens.

They are also the ones who want Muslim refugees to be brought into the United States despite the fact that they cannot be properly vetted. They refuse to defend the American people against this onslaught of migrants even though ISIS has declared their own fighters have been secreted among them.

These idiots stage this sit-in as if they are the powerless of society. But they’re not, are they? In fact they are the ones with the power. They are not sitting in for our rights; they are sitting in to violate our rights.

Members of Congress staging a sit-in is about as logical as Management staging a walk-out and going on strike.

But who can blame them? The entire Democrat Party lives in the past. They are so desperate to relive the glory days of the supposed “counter-revolution.” The only problem is, the people in power aren’t exactly the “counter-revolution,” are they?

Again from my 2013 column:

The Sixties Counter Culture wanted to be the engine that shaped the world. They wanted to “fundamentally transform” America. And slimy, filthy little dirtbags that they were, they knew the only way to do that was to wrest control away from typical Americans.
Take over the education system.
Take over the media.
The men turned in their Nehru Jackets and Dashikis and donned Brooks Brothers; the women exchanged those hideously ugly caftans for Donna Karan power suits. And like an invading army they swarmed an unsuspecting seat of power and claimed the power for themselves.
And now, we have these idiot dish rags insisting on making all of us live the way they want us to.
So, is it really a surprise that a Vietnam-Era Anti-War protester is now our Secretary of State?
Are you really stunned that the morons who stuck daisies in the barrel of National Guardsmen’s rifles now want to ban all guns from private citizens?
The Federal Government: where Hippies go to die.
This may seem shocking, but I contend that the 1960s Liberals were never really the “Counter-Culture.” They may have liked the sound of that name, but they never had claim to it. Conservatism, in my opinion, is the actual “Counter-Culture.” We have always gone against the tide of conformity. We have always been about individual liberty. We have always believed in the right of the individual to find his own way and seek his own fortune or success. We are the Counter-Culture. Conservatism doesn’t seek to gain power or control. We believe power and control over someone’s life should be in the hands of the individual, not a government.
See, we Conservatives, we really, really mean it when we say “question authority.” Because we believe in individual sovereignty. We believe that the individual is the one uniquely qualified to make his own decisions on how to live his own life.

Stop and mull this over. The people with the power over your life are sitting around, wasting time, playing “let’s pretend we’re powerless victims.” And all the while they’re doing it, you and I are the ones paying their salaries.

If only they would expend this kind of time and energy to protect and defend the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

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One thought on “Congress has snowflakes too

  • June 23, 2016 at 11:00 am

    PATHETIC COMMIE BAT-RASTARD ATTENTION WHORES one and all, posing for the cameras! Exercising thier right to Free Speech! We don’t have to enjoy it, but we have to put up with it. The problem is that they exercise the 1st Amendment to strangle the 2nd and the 4th. There should be a mandatory requirement for elected officials (especially for legislative and executive positions) to be rigorously investigated and vetted by the FBI (the same colonostopy style background checks as required for a janitorial position or any other Federal hiree) before taking office. But of course they would never pass such legislationas to block one of thier own from serving thier needs, and furthering the agenda. I believe there many uses for the hammer and sickle (common tools of the oppressed).

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