Coopting Anne Frank to peddle Leftist Propaganda

I really hate Leftists.

Too harsh?

Don’t care.

The Anne Frank Center has about as much to do with Anne Frank as Walmart has to do with selling walls.

But they’ve coopted her – twisting her memory into a one-size-fits-all propaganda tool.

And I’ll say it: Just like the Nazis did.

Because that criminal Michael Brown is just like Anne Frank!!

And, no. Mike Brown wasn’t murdered. He was killed in self-defense, you putrid ranks.

“Vicious wars?” Really?

Deporting illegal criminals or looking to properly vet refugees are hardly waging a vicious war, you sanctimonious creeps.

And what exactly has President Trump done to “women” or “people of color?”

Are they hiding out in attics because Trump wants to put them in a concentration camp?

You’re guess is as good as mine what the hell they’re saying in that tweet.

I guess they think that the only way our armed forces ever win wars is by having gender-confused basket cases on the front lines.

And when people call these hacks out for being frauds who coopted Frank’s name to peddle this kind of nonsense, this is how these cretins responded.


Didn’t Anne suffer enough at the hands of the Nazis?

Does she really need to be exploited by opportunistic parasites like the Anne Frank Center?

They use her as a human shield in order to further the Institutional Left’s fascistic agenda.

And it’s disgraceful.

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One thought on “Coopting Anne Frank to peddle Leftist Propaganda

  • August 11, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    I really wish Anne Frank House could sue the Anne Frank Center out of existence. I have read the back story on AFC and people are being duped in thinking it has anything to do with Anne Frank. The very least people need to be informed about who is actually behind AFC.

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