Creepy and Creepier

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Michael Avenatti and Jacob Wohl aren’t bosom buddies. Sure, Avenatti is creepy.  But Wohl is creepier. You’d think the two of them would be two peas in a pod – Creepy and Creepier.

Creepy and Creepier

Yet for some reason the Creepy Porn Lawyer despises the Creepier Jacob Wohl. And that’s puzzling.

After all, Creepy and Creepier sure have a lot in common, wouldn’t you say?

Both of them are publicity hungry scam artists who have absolutely no problem slandering people to achieve their ends.

Both Creepy and Creepier are making a career out of false allegations against their political enemies.

And both of them have their fair share of legal troubles.

Really, the only difference between Creepy and Creepier is the Creepy Porn Lawyer got a heck of a lot of media love while the Creepier Wohl does not.

When the “news” broke yesterday that some guy was accusing 2020 Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg of rape, my BS meter went in the red.

Thanks in large part to the smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh, I don’t trust these kinds of “breaking” stories.

It probably didn’t help that the “news” I saw on Twitter linked to Big League Politics.  I always err on the side of skepticism when they break a story — the same way I would if the story was from Ronan Farrow or if it was bleating from the mouth of the Creepy Porn Lawyer.

It isn’t even a question of “trust but verify.” Instead, it’s “doubt and stay doubtful for at least a week.”

Within hours of the story “breaking,” my decision to doubt was a good one. The muck-raking smear against Buttigieg was courtesy of Jacob Wohl.

This kind of garbage stinks to high heaven whether it’s peddled by the Creepy Porn Lawyer or the Creepier Jacob Wohl and his partner in crime Jack Burkman.

You recall the last smear campaign Wohl and Burkman tried to pull off, don’t you?

They claimed they had found a woman who was sexually harassed by Robert Mueller. 

What a train wreck that was.

You’d think Creepier would have learned his lesson. But obviously he didn’t.  Just another thing Creepy and Creepier have in common I guess.

We don’t want our own Michael Avenatti.  And that’s precisely what Jacob Wohl aiming for – except without all the fawning media love.

Lachlan Markay’s source is right.  This kind of crap is a dumpster fire waiting to happen.  And frankly any Trump supporter with any sense should shun that douche canoe Wohl before his stupid — and possibly criminal — antics splash back on us.

As Jim Treacher put it at PJ Media:

I have a lot of problems with Pete Buttigieg’s policies, and I don’t like the way he’s scapegoating Mike Pence. I’m not all that impressed with Buttigieg, and I don’t plan to vote for him, no matter how many times I’m called a homophobe by Dems who are obsessed with identity politics.

Also, falsely accusing Buttigieg or anybody else of committing sexual assault is wrong in every way imaginable. Jacob Wohl is a dimwitted amateur who seems to think he’s the next Roger Stone, a gleeful trickster sowing chaos in his wake. But I don’t think even Stone ever did anything this stupid, underhanded, and outright criminal. If he did, he’s much better at covering his tracks than this kid.

If these idiots really wanted to stop Buttigieg, they’ve just made it a lot tougher to do. They’ve now made Buttigieg a victim, and to Dems that’s the same thing as a hero. If Mayor Pete has even half the political smarts his starry-eyed admirers say he does, he’ll capitalize on this slur against his reputation and raise his profile even more.

The libs need to lie about their opponents because liberal policies never survive contact with reality. Don’t be like the libs.

If you’re disgusted by the Creepy Porn Lawyer, you should be doubly disgusted by the Creepier Jacob Wohl.

Creepy Avenatti is making the media and the Left look like clowns. But the Creepier Wohl is doing his damnedest to make us look like moronic clowns.

And I don’t know about you, but that pisses me off.

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One thought on “Creepy and Creepier

  • April 30, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    When this hit yesterday something about it made me think of Stormy and Avanetti. I mean specifically those two, not just all the smear jobs in general. Good to know my bs meter is still calibrated well and that little touch of esp is still going strong.

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