Criminalizing American Culture

On Wednesday, Peyton Robinson, a senior at York Comprehensive High School in South Carolina was told to remove the American flag and POW/MIA flag mounted to the bed of his pick-up truck when he is parked on school property.


Because it’s offensive [hat tip The Gateway Pundit]

When Peyton refused, a school official went out to his truck when he wasn’t around, removed the bolts securing the flags, and laid them down in the bed of Robinson’s pick-up.

Displaying a flag on your personal vehicle is not allowed because it may offend.

Laying an American flag down on the sidewalk so that college students who want to can walk on it, despite offending patriotic Americans, is “protected speech.”


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in America is common. Even at the White House.

Wearing an American flag T-shirt on Cinco de Mayo is not permitted because it might offend.

Here’s the reality.

Liberalism seeks to overthrow the United States of America. One of the ways it is carrying out this assault is by downsizing, or even criminalizing American culture.

If you can “Celebrate Diversity” to the point where American culture is deemed offensive and must be removed, you can overthrow a nation.

Celebrating the American culture — in that classic “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” kind of way — is considered “racist,” “xenophobic,” “offensive,” and “intolerant.”

Imagine the uproar if we were to tell Mexicans living in America that they can’t celebrate their culture because it might offend some people.

Imagine if we instructed immigrants from places like Somalia to embrace America culture and assimilate because honor killings and female genital mutilation is offensive.

We’d be brought up on civil rights charges and Obama would run to the UN to tattle on us.

“Celebrating diversity” isn’t about celebrating diversity; it is about undermining Americanism.

In school, children are encouraged to celebrate other cultures (to the point of planning your own jihad) while being taught that America doesn’t have a culture worth celebrating. In fact, ours is a “culture” based on “white privileged, patriarchal racism and imperialism.”

There is a reason Obama’s push for unconstitutional amnesty centers on two cultures: Central and South American and Muslim.

The purpose of this no-holds-barred Amnesty is to remake the American Culture by criminalizing the actual American culture.

Marxism just doesn’t play here in America. We are ruggedly individualistic. We are self-made people who strive to do the best for ourselves and our family. We believe in God and country. We believe in Freedom and Liberty. We believe in the Sovereign Individual.

Marxism flies in the face of what is distinctly American.

The American Culture stands in the way of Liberalism.

So it’s got to go.

Individualism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian ideals, morality, guns, patriotism.

These are kryptonite to Liberals.

What better way to destroy a culture that celebrates these things than to permit it to be overrun with people from other cultures who are not encouraged to assimilate, but encouraged to bring their tin-pot Marxist beliefs along with them?

What better way to destroy a culture in young people than for schools to penalize those who celebrate it?

Peyton Robinson wasn’t told to remove the American flag because it might offend someone.

He was told to remove the American flag because Liberalism cannot tolerate any display of what is the American way of life.

And Patriotism is part of the American way of life.

Patriotism has to be snuffed out.

Patriotism has to be criminalized.

Patriotism must be vilified and marginalized.

Americans must be taught that being a “patriot” is the same as being a racist, xenophobic, imperialistic hater.

Americans must be taught that this country is the cause of the world’s problems. It is the epicenter of hate and xenophobia. It is evil and must be Fundamentally Transformed.

Vladimir Obama Lenin FORWARD

This assault on American culture is part of the not-so-silent conquering of America.

It’s battlegrounds are in the public school system, the colleges and universities, and in the media.

And, with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, it gained control of the highest office in the land.

We have to push back.

We have to fight back.

We have to be unafraid. Unapologetic.

Stand proudly and say, “I am an American patriot. I believe in God, country, freedom and individual sovereignty.”

We have to stand up for the American culture; we have to stand up for America.

Because we are America.

If we don’t push back, we can kiss this country goodbye.

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    Making the statement, “I like America the way it was” is hate speech.

    I’m such a slowpoke. I’ve been meaning to put Virtual Mirage in the blog roll for weeks and I just now got to it. – Dianny

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