I am unable to even formulate words to express just how horrified I am about the coordinated attack on police in Dallas last night.

Five law enforcement officers are dead. 26 officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty thus far this year. In all of 2015, 39 officers were shot and killed.

War is being waged on our civilian protectors. The drum beat has been constant for nearly two years.

When an Islamic terrorist kills Americans on our soil, we are warned about the pending “backlash” that never comes. Anti-Islamic “hate speech” is investigated and shut down. Even if that “hate speech” consists of a Facebook page called Stop the Islamization of America. The Attorney General declares that her greatest responsibility is to protect Muslims against this backlash that never comes.

But when a black man is killed by a police officer, there is no calls for calm, no attempts to silence Anti-police rhetoric. The Attorney General does not vow to protect the civilian police, rather the Justice Department vows to investigate the police.

Nobody warns of a pending backlash. Instead, those on Twitter who began calling for the deaths of police officers after the officer-involved shooting in Louisiana were not shut down. Twitter did nothing to silence them. And after five Dallas police officers lay dead, and calls for more officer deaths went out, Twitter did nothing to shut down these incitements of violence.

Because certain violence aids the Left in advancing their agenda.

Certain violence is useful to them.

What better way to destroy a nation from within than to erode the rule of law, aid in the destruction of the family, foment suspicion and fear, divide the people by race, and encourage racial unrest?

Back in June of last year, after a neighborhood pool party in McKinney, Texas grew violent, I wrote a piece called Useful Idiots. I wrote:

What happened in McKinney has to do with this belief that some young blacks have that they can do anything they want including trespass, break the law, act like idiots, stir up violence, or attack innocent people and the police, and nobody is allowed to enforce the law and stop them because they’ll flop onto the ground and howl racism.
No more.
No more.
Treating blacks differently is what got us into this mess.
Walking around on pins and needles for fear of being accused of racism got us into this mess.
Wringing our hands and bemoaning “white privilege” got us into this mess.
Destroying the black family and then suffering the consequences of generations of blacks being raised without a moral compass and a sense of right and wrong got us into this mess.
Now, thanks to Liberal whites and their complete terror of treating blacks equally, hateful, racist assholes think they have carte blanche to act in any criminal, vile, despicable way they want and nobody will say boo.
Because nobody has said boo.
Well, I’m saying boo.
Thanks to white Liberals, many young blacks have been conditioned to believe that it is perfectly acceptable for them to behave like criminals and get away with it. They don’t have to follow the law. They don’t have to act in a law-abiding, civilized manner.
Liberals created this mess and law-abiding, civilized Americans of all races now have to deal with the fallout from half a century of destructive Liberal policies.
Like everything else Liberals do, they create a problem, then stand back and leave it to civilized, law-abiding Americans to clean up their mess.
No, your skin color isn’t a crime.
Your behavior is.
No, being black doesn’t make you a target.
But it also doesn’t give you a free pass to break the law with impunity.
You see, unlike White Liberals, I really do believe in equality under the law.
If a band of white teenagers trespassed onto private property, started fights and the police were called, we wouldn’t be here right now. They would have been rounded up, removed, and, if they resisted, arrested. No police officers would be suspended or face the threat of losing their jobs. It would be a non-story.
But McKinney is not a non-story because the Enslaved Press happily promotes the fictional narrative that it is an issue of racism against innocent little lambs who did nothing wrong.
To understand what is happening in McKinney you have to understand what Liberals have done to the black community.
Liberals destroyed the black family. When almost three quarters of black children are born into a single-parent home, the stabilizing structure of the family is gone.
It is the family that provides stability, security, discipline and nurturing.
By the time these kids enter school, they lack the necessary social skills to behave in a way that is respectful of other people or other people’s property.
They become discipline problems in school.
And, rather than actually disciplining these kids, public schools, under the direction of the Eric Holder Justice Department developed a new school discipline policy that no longer focuses on punishing bad behavior.
Why? Because the Justice Department, in discovering that the majority of kids who were disciplined in school were black, decided to stop disciplining blacks for bad behavior.
You know. To make things “fair.”
Now, in many schools in urban areas, teachers are in fear for their safety because they can no longer respond proactively to disruptive, uncivilized and often violent behavior on the part of their own students.
And what does this teach these kids? It teaches them that their bad behavior will have no consequences.
It teaches them that they can do anything no matter how harmful, destructive, illegal it may be, and they won’t be punished.
What’s more. They know the reason they won’t be punished is because they are black.
So, armed with the knowledge that their skin color can be used as a shield, lacking the proper upbringing in a stable family, these kids are confident that they can do or say anything with impunity. They are confident that they can even break the law, vandalize, trespass, harass and nothing with happen to them. Confident in the knowledge that the police have been hamstrung by racialists, these kids do not let the presence of police impede them in any way.
Liberals created this mess for their own ends.
And Liberals are now taking advantage of it.
They want to destroy this country. The best way to conquer a nation is by dividing the nation.
To this end, Liberals have created the perfect army of useful idiots to do their dividing for them.
And the cretins in the Enslaved Press are more than happy to help out, framing the narrative as being racist against blacks when in fact, it is the polar opposite.
Far too many young black kids believe they have a right to hate people for being white. They believe they have a right to behave like uncivilized brutes and nobody even has a right to say a word against them.
What’s more, they rest assured in the knowledge that if anyone stands up to them and calls them out for being the hateful little violent thugs that they are, they will have plenty of White Liberals who will launch a witch hunt against those who do so. Publishing their home addresses on Twitter and inviting the thugs to go there and do harm to them.
This isn’t an “equality” issue.
It is a war being waged on the American People by hateful Liberals who are using the damage they caused in the black community to raise an army of useful idiots to do their fighting for them.
What is pathetic to me is so many of those young black kids have no idea they are being used. They have no idea that the object of their rage is not the cause of their misery. The very cause of their misery are the heartless, hateful, racist Liberals who now are using them for their own ends.

Divide and conquer. That’s what this is about.

A nation that is divided becomes easier to overthrow.

And in this war to conquer our nation, casualties are acceptable. Certain violence is acceptable. Certain violence is encouraged.

Because a certain kind of violence works to the Left’s advantage.

Destroying the notion of equal justice under the law works for the Left. Disregard for the rule of law works for the Left.

For over fifty years, the Left has systematically destroyed the family — especially among blacks. This was by design.

It helped to create a perfect storm of disorder and chaos. And from this perfect storm springs up the opportunity to disarm us, to nationalize the police, to strip us of our Liberty and Individual Sovereignty, and to put more power in the hands of a centralized, all-powerful State.

And that is the objective. Divide and conquer.

And though Leftists like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton may publicly express grief over the deaths of these five police officers, in truth, they see them as nothing more than casualties of their war on America.

And as a result, their deaths will be utilized for their own hateful, divisive ends.

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  • July 9, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    Cival unrest, or Cival War? Only one side is shooting so far.

    • July 9, 2016 at 8:31 pm

      Just to be sure. I am not talking the about the cops shooting thugs during, or after criminal acts. That is thier job, they are protecting the rest of us. I am talking about the thugs who assinate the men and women in blue. God Bless our Police Officers, and Military Members wherever they serve this Nation and We the People!!

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