Dancing on Scalia’s grave

You know, I really despise Liberals. When America loses a great hero of the Constitution, Liberals got busy dancing on Scalia’s grave. Until Trump supporters came on the scene they were the only people vile enough to derive a thrill over something bad happening to people they hate. I’m sure you saw some of the more disgusting tweets that went out the weekend Antonin Scalia passed away. Just awful stuff. I avoided posting any of them because why subject you to that kind of poison?

Antonin Scalia was one of three justices we could rely on to stand guard over the Left’s attempts to strip Americans of their Liberty. He was a gatekeeper. He stood on the Watchtower protecting our rights, upholding the Constitution, and keeping the Left at bay.

And now he’s gone. Ted Cruz is right, Scalia’s death shined a Klieg light on the threat we Americans face from an overly powerful, out of control judiciary. The fact that his death could spell the end of a Supreme Court which respects and upholds the Constitution is a position we should not be in.

But here we are.

There’s one person who’s simply delighted by the opening Scalia’s death has created, and that’s Chelsea Clinton.


“It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control. Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.
“So if you listen to Moms Demand Action and the Brady Campaign and the major efforts pushing for smart, sensible and enforceable gun control across our country — full disclosure — have endorsed my mom, they say they believe the next time the Court rules on gun control, it will make a definitive ruling. So it matters to me that my mom is the only person running for president who not only constantly makes that connection but also has a strong record on gun control and standing up to the NRA.
“This is one of those issues I didn’t know I could care more about until I became a mother. And I think every day about the Sandy Hook families whose children every day, don’t come home from school. And I can’t even imagine that living horror and tragedy.”

Like every other Leftist, Chelsea is dancing on Scalia’s grave.

Dancing on Scalias Grave

Leftists never let an opening go to waste. By losing the gatekeeper, Leftists are going to take full advantage and storm the gates knowing nobody is going to stop them.

A Hillary victory in November will effectively kill the Second Amendment. And Chelsea is happy about this.

Why? Because she’s just can’t imagine that living horror and tragedy of losing a child to “gun violence” — Constitution be damned.

For the Left, their feelings matter more than the rule of law — more than the limits put in place by our Constitution.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, their feelings trump our rights.

When it comes to the First Amendment, their feelings trump religious liberty.

When it comes to the Tenth Amendment, their feelings trump the autonomy of the states.

This is what we’re up against.

This is why I support Ted Cruz for President.

I want to know, know that the next Republican President will put the Constitution, our Liberty, our Individual Sovereignty, and the Bill of Rights ahead of everything else. I can’t support a candidate who cares more about Liberalism than the Constitution.

Furthermore, I can’t support a candidate who is so all over the map and malleable that I have no idea what he will do. I read this morning that Donald Trump is much like Obamacare. We have to elect him to find out how he would govern. I’m not willing to take that chance.

We have far too much at stake in this election for me to play Russian Roulette with our Second Amendment rights — or any of our rights for that matter.

Hat tip Washington Free Beacon.

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4 thoughts on “Dancing on Scalia’s grave

  • April 23, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Me again. Respect your right to support your candidate of choice. Don’t ‘hate’ (or even greatly dislike) Ted Cruz nor those of you who support him. Used to always love your “rants” and shared them every time. Uh, not so any more.
    …..”Liberals got busy dancing on Scalia’s grave. Until Trump supporters came on the scene they were the only people vile enough to derive a thrill over something bad happening to people they hate.” What a despicable thing to say!!! and have you not seen the vileness and hatred coming from some Cruz supporters toward the Trump camp?
    Of course, Cruzers will believe that lie…oops, I mean line… and that’s all that counts, right? Sure, go ahead with praising Ted and demeaning Donald, we know where you you stand. So what?, big deal, etc. Even if you’re a little over the top at times…. not as bad as insulting Trump supporters as you just did.

    • April 23, 2016 at 2:12 pm

      And yet here you are! I thank you for your readership and the subsequent hits you provide!

    • April 23, 2016 at 11:32 pm

      “…they were the only people vile enough to derive a thrill over something bad happening to people they hate.” And then YOU replied “What a despicable thing to say!!!” Despicable??? You’ve somehow missed the regularly vile, despicable, repulsive, repugnant, loathsome, obnoxious, revolting, abominable things that spew forth from Leftists, regardless of WHO their choice of a candidate is. In fact, due to my experience over the last seven years or so (the time that I began using the internet on a daily basis to study the political landscape) I can say, without reservation, that Leftists, in general, are among the vilest people that I’ve ever had the misfortune of running across.

      Please note that I said “In general;” that’s because…just as with conservatives (Trump supporters notwithstanding)…there are those who can be nasty and mean-spirited, and at the very least, insensitive. But from what I read on a daily basis, it is the Left…NOT conservatives…who fall into those categories listed above. As to Dianny “insulting” Trump supporters…I think even YOU would have to admit that Mr Trump leaves himself wide open for attack; and thereby, those misguided people who have been fooled by him. But then, the very fact that I’ve just said that they’ve been fooled by him, no doubt, in YOUR mind, constitutes an insult. And if THAT is true, then it would seem that you, yourself, lean toward the Left. Which is certainly your right; it would just be refreshing to hear you tell the truth; say out and out that you lean Left, rather than try to hide behind the “I don’t hate Ted Cruz…” rhetoric. Actually, that gave you away, immediately.

  • April 23, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Yep…here I am. My mistake. An honest one, though. Mislead by the pic of Chelsea Clinton, had me thinking you were actually dealing with a mutual threat. 😉 No shares or recommendations (as in the past) though.

    The threat I am addressing is Liberalism. Trump, like Chelsea, is a Liberal. — Dianny

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