de Blasio Countdown Clock

Hey, have you clicked the link over at the New York Post called “de Blasio Countdown Clock?”

Here’s where you end up:

de blasio Countdown clock

This is what happens when Democrats govern.

Mostly because, it turns out, Democrats can’t govern.

What is fascinating to me is Bernie Sanders — who shares the same socialist ideals as Billy D — is the rising star in the Democrat Presidential race.

Perhaps New Yorkers could help their progressive, Liberal friends out by cluing them in on what having an avowed socialist has brought their once fair city.

It’s not so much the Big Apple as it is the Big Crapple, what with vagrants soiling the streets, sidewalks and parks.

With all the noise emanating from Thursday’s Trump/Kelly grunge match, it may have gone unnoticed that a recent poll of city residents shows de Blasio’s favorability numbers are in the toilet.

You know, the toilet none of the vagrants ever use.

Of course, you get what you vote for. New York City Liberals asked for it; they got it. Back when they stupidly elected de Blasio, most of us knew they’d end up electing a time-traveler who would take them back to the bad old days of Dinkins.

I’m sure the majority of people who voted for de Blasio weren’t old enough to vote for Dinkins, and may very well not even be old enough to have endured the city under his incompetent term.

Liberals are nothing if not short on memory. It’s how they can buy the whole, “Democrats have always been fighters for Civil Rights” claptrap.

I find it endlessly entertaining, this de Blasio Countdown Clock.

But at the same time, I find it deeply depressing.

Again, because Democrats all over the nation are all fired up to try the same kind of miserable policies on a national scale with Bernie Sanders.

Well, Democrats outside of the Black Lives Matter crowd anyway.

And maybe Hillary (but even that’s not a lock because dislike for Hillary runs so deep, she may even suffer from it).

Imagine the fragrant urine smell that can never be washed out of the pavement of Manhattan permeating every inch of our great nation.

Liberals, man.

They simply never learn.

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