Dear Joe: You have to get the nomination first

Dear Joe: You have to get the nomination first

Has anybody else noticed that Joe Biden is campaigning as if the primaries are over and he already has the nomination?

Joe appears to be under the mistaken notion that his challenger is Donald Trump rather than, oh, say Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and the rest of the pack.

Seems a little premature to focus your entire campaign on Trump when you have yet to win a single delegate in the nomination process.  Especially when you consider that Joe is struggling in Iowa, losing big in New Hampshire, and is left pinning all his hopes on South Carolina.

Shouldn’t Biden be making the case for why Democrats should pick him over his fellow Democrat challengers?

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m wrong. But it seems to me you should focus on beating those you are currently running against rather than spending all your time tilting at Trump.

When even a Liberal hack like MSNBC’s Katy Tur is pointing out that Biden can’t draw crowds even half the size of his Democrat rivals, you’d think Team Biden would get the clue.

But no.  Joe is so busy shadow-boxing Trump that he’s even failing to take full advantage of half his competitors being stuck in Washington for the Shampeachment Trial.  Believe me, a more savvy candidate would be exploiting that for all its worth.

But nobody would ever accuse Joe Biden of being savvy.

Joe campaigned Tuesday to a small gathering of people that barely outnumbered the small gathering of empty chairs.

Can’t you just feel the enthusiasm?!

And what did Biden tell these empty chairs?

Um, Joe.  You don’t have the Democrat nomination yet.  A win for you isn’t a loss for Trump, you dingus.

Shouldn’t you be telling these folks to ruin Bernie Sanders’s night?  Or Elizabeth Warren’s night?  Or Pete Buttigieg’s night? Or, you know, any of the other people you are actually running against?

Donald Trump is not running in the Iowa Democrat Caucus (nor is Joni Ernst).  And whether you win or not, neither Trump’s nor Joni’s night will be affected in any way.

But your night might be ruined if you don’t start making the case for yourself over the people whose names are on the ballot.

The primaries have yet to begin.  It’s a tad early to act as if the nomination process is over and you’re already running against Trump in the general.

Imagine an NFL quarterback before the first game of the season talking about how he’s going to mow over the other team at the Super Bowl.

Ya gotta get to the Super Bowl first, Joe.  As it is, you’re not even the odds-on favorite to win your first two games.

Honestly, I just cannot understand the logic of ignoring the other Democrats in the race.

I just did a quick search on Joe Biden’s tweets and the last time he mentioned his rival Bernie Sanders was early October when he wished Bernie a speedy recovery from his heart attack.

The last time he mentioned Elizabeth Warren was September 12, 2019.

It’s almost as if the Biden campaign thinks Joe is running uncontested.

Meanwhile, Biden has so many tweets about Donald Trump, every time I tried to count them all, I lost count.  So I just counted the ones from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. In that three-day period, Joe tweeted about Trump thirteen times.

Interesting stat: that’s thirteen times more than he has ever tweeted about either Klobuchar or Buttigieg in the last … well ever.

Even more surprising? Joe only mentioned Obama three times over those three days — which I found odd since Joe’s entire campaign platform is sucking up to Obama.

Now, I get it.  Biden is running on the claim that he’s the only Democrat who has a chance of beating Trump in November.

But before having that chance, Joe has to get the nomination.  And the only way to get the nomination is to beat the other Democrats that are running against him.

And I just don’t see him making the effort to do that.

In fact, Joe can’t stop telling people to vote for someone else – something even the very Left-leaning Vice mocked him for.

Joe loves saying “Trump is scared to run against me” which always makes me chuckle.  Because one thing I’m certain of is Donald Trump would love to run against Joe Biden.

Trust me. Trump isn’t scared of Joe.

And you know who else isn’t scared of Joe?

All the other Democrats who are currently running against him.

And why should they be?

Joe’s so busy pretending he already has the nomination, he’s leaving all his rivals alone to campaign against him unchallenged.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Joe: You have to get the nomination first

  • January 30, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    So funny. In the tweet pic of Joey’s little coffee klatch, there’s a cup of ol’ Joe pictured on the wall.
    Gotta be decaf! Spiked with Metamucil…

  • January 30, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Campaigning is just a bunch of malarkey to “No Malarkey” Joe.

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