Democrats confirm they are the Party of Illegal Aliens

Within moments of Attorney General Sessions announcing the end of the unconstitutional DACA program, Democrats wasted no time letting the country know that they will stand with illegal aliens.

If only they cared this much for the American people, maybe they’d win some elections.

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee let everyone know that the Democrat Party will fight, fight, fight for non-citizens.

illegal aliens

Well, that’s good to know.

The Democrat Party has become the party of illegal aliens.

And who can blame them?

Most Americans have grown sick and tired of their histrionics, inflammatory rhetoric and overall lack leadership.

So they have to go somewhere for support.

And who is better suited for the Democrats than people who violated our laws to get here and show as little respect for this country, our laws, and our flag as the Democrats do.

But this is a really dumb idea.

Did the Democrat Party sleep through the 2016 election?

Are they completely unaware of the fact that the man who won the White House was the only candidate who decisively took the side of Americans over that of illegal aliens?

Immigration was the primary reason people elected Donald Trump.

To me, this would be a great big clue that fight, fight, fighting for illegal aliens is probably not a winning strategy.

But, hey.  Nobody said Democrats were particularly intelligent.

And let’s face it. They’re desperate.

The Democrat Party has been bleeding support for years.

And their only hope of maintaining any political power is securing the right to vote for people who came to this country illegally.

Tom Perez and the rest of the Democrats aren’t fight, fight, fighting for “the Dreamers.”

Instead, they are fight, fight, fighting for their own political survival.

To believe even for one moment that the Democrat Party actually cares about these so-called “Dreamers,” you would have to be the most naïve, gullible person in the world.

Because here’s the bottom line.

If these so-called “Dreamers” were constitutional conservatives and lovers of Liberty, the Democrats would be fight, fight, fighting to fund the Wall. And they would be urging ICE to deport every last one of them.

This is why when Barack Obama ended the “wet foot/dry foot” policy for Cuban refugees one week before he left office, not one Democrat raised a stink.

Cuban Americans tend to vote Republican by a wider margin than aliens from Central and South America.

The reason Donald Trump won Florida was in large part thanks to the Cuban/American population there.

For Democrats, illegal immigration is, as Rush Limbaugh has said time and again, a Democrat voter registration drive.

And knowing this sure does cast a shadow over their pretend dramatics over DACA.

So, no. Tom Perez and the Democrat Party aren’t fighting “tooth and nail for DREAMers.”

They’re fighting tooth and nail for their own electoral survival.

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One thought on “Democrats confirm they are the Party of Illegal Aliens

  • September 7, 2017 at 7:15 am

    “This is why when Barack Obama ended the “wet foot/dry foot” policy for Cuban refugees one week before he left office, not one Democrat raised a stink.”

    You nailed it!

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