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A couple “American Sniper” Satires:

American Faker

American Griper

Some odds & ends movie posters:

The Butty Professor

The Nutty Climate Professor

Pelosfaratu movie poster

Andrews Big Cuban Adventure

American Gangster

Star Trek the Motion Picture

Operation Petticoat

Pursuit of Happyness

The Sixth Sense

Cowboys and Aliens

Liar Liar


The Silence of the Bams

2016 Vindictive Obama

A Time To Kill

Catch Me if You Can

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Mad Val Beyond Thunderdome

Liar Liar Hillary01

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber To

Desperately Seeking Relevance

Enemy of the State

Gangs of DC


O Man the Destroyer

The Road to Utopia

The Sting

The Ugly American

The Women

You Lost Mail

Grumpy Old Men

Machete 2

Mean Girls

Road to War

Something About Mary

The American Empress

The Hunt for Obamas Testicles

The Kings Speech

The Man Who Would Be King

The Outlaw Osey Pens

Iranian Man

Zorbarack the Greek

One Million Years BC

Bullet to the Head

The Legend of Barry Prance

The Enforcer

The Stupids 01

Invasion USA

Ernest in the Army

Three Amigos

The Con Artist

GI Hill

What ISIS Wants

The GOP Star Chamber

How the Grinch Politicized Christmas

The Grumpy Old Men Collection

The Great Outdoors01

Fight Club

Mean Girls Cruz

Son of a Postman


Supreme Court Detective

Mitt Romney and the Deathly Third Party


No Country for Crooked Hags

Ransom movie

Rise of the Machines

Short Circuit

Artificial Intelligence

Ive got your mail

The Madness of Queen Hillary

The Sting-02






I take requests.

Here are some movie posters based on reader requests:

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Newly Released Dolezal Movie

Omen III Final Conflict

Delinquent Gentleman


Legally Blind

Solyndra Green


The Dicktator

The Terminator I

Benghazi Movie Posters

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Incompetent Basterds

Black Hack Down

Fast Times at Obama High

Saving Hillarys Bacon

Falling Down

Dude Where Are My Talking Points

Four Funerals and a Fundraiser

Man on Fire

The Ambassador Only Screams Twice

Valley Girl

The Untouchable 01

The Fog of Hillary


The Ted Cruz Collection:

I enjoy making images of Ted Cruz. I’m a fan.

Click on Image to view at full size

Cruz of Steel

Cuz I want to



The Patriot

Captain America01

Cruz Brings the Hammer Down

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