The Barack Hussein Obama Wing

DIANNY Image Vault: The Barack Hussein Obama Wing

Selfie Portrait

Barack Obama and his lovely wife Michelle need their own building within the Virtual Museum. They have provided more fodder for me than everyone else combined.


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The Obama Zone


Get out of Gitmo Free

In 2012, Barack Obama campaigned on having destroyed al Qaeda and made America safe from the Islamic terror threat.

And then reality invaded.

The Crack Team of Foreign Policy Geniuses

Keystone Kops

The John Lennon Foreign Policy Institute

Kerry Obama Bed in

Dr Strangelove

Dr Strangelove General



Well this oughta be good

The Dumb-sters 2

The Dumb-sters

It probably didn’t help that Obama doesn’t bother attending National Security and Intelligence briefings…

Cliff Notes

Rebel Yell

The Muslim Brotherhood are his Homeboys
When Obama helped force Mubarak out of Egypt and install the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi as President, things in Egypt went from bad to worse. Thankfully, the Egyptian Military kicked Morsi out before too many more people were slaughtered. Obama was none too happy about that.

MoBro Homeboys02

Obama Cheerleader

Morsi Sent Packing

The ISIS Invasion of Iraq
Obama beat feet out of Iraq to be able to campaign on having kept his promise to “end” the war. And because he made us scamper out of there, Iraq was primed for this barbaric Muslim terror group, the Islamic State.

First Obama called them “Jayvee.” Then he announced that he didn’t have a strategy. Then he claimed that they weren’t Islamic.

And while Americans are executed by these butchers, Obama has played golf, made Obamacare promotional videos where he snaps selfies of himself and doodles in a sketchpad.

Rather than address the problem of Islamic terror, Obama instead attempted to shift the focus from the here and now to the way distant past and the Christian Crusades. His Administration has spent more time and energy twisting itself into knots to avoid calling these animals what they are than they have trying to stop them.

Who exactly is Jayvee?

the religion of bits and pieces


Unicorn Strategy

Tiptoe through the tulips

Raising the ISIS Flag

Miss Saigon 2

Harf Pretzel

Drawing ISIS

Bowing to Terrorists

Terrorism Denier

Boogie Men

Barack Obama and the Crusaders

Know Much about History

And then, there is Iran
A sworn enemy of the United States of America, and the Obama Administration has been trying to secure a deal with Iran for over a year. The end result of this disastrous deal will be clearing the way for Iran to become a nuclear power.

Bow to the mullahs

Dr Supreme Leader Evil

Dark Lord

Peace in our Time FB

To Iran with Love

This is about taking sides

Party with his pals

Yeah I went there

Lets Make a Deal

Outwitting Idiots for Dummings

Twisted Affinity

The Iranian Godfather

The Wolf at the Gate

the Star Trek Edition 01

Is it any wonder there have been some questions as to whether Obama is a Muslim?

Ayatollah Obama

Only Twenty-Nine Percent

mOslem brOtherhOOd

Found Him


Obamas Islam Fetish


The Ayatollah Speaks

After all, Obama has declared that the future does not belong to those who would slander the Prophet.


Muhammed Grilling Pin up

Big Fur Hat inspired me

Dictator Obama

Obama, when he isn’t too busy dictating to the American People, ignoring Congress and the Constitution and declaring that there will be consequences to defying him, loves to tell us that he is not a Dictator.

As the old saying goes, Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Obama can out-Castro Castro. He can launch into furious diatribes better than Adolf. And he can do the whole “workers of the world unite” riff better than Lenin.

Obama fancies himself a Ruler, not a President.

The Little Dictator

Audacity of Mein InKampfitance

Mein Fuhrer Yes We Can

Benito Obama

Hitler Amnesty

We will not comply

State of the Reich Address

Tsar Obama

Vladimir Hussein

Vladimir Obama Lenin FORWARD

Fidel Castro

State of the Coup

Banana Republic



Caligula Obama

Red Obama

Spirit of 76

Reichstag US

The Weepy Dictator


Statue of Tyranny

Obama Memorial02

Fun with FLOTUS



Binge and Purge Barbie

Let them Eat Turnips

Buffalo Mo

Green Mooch

Moo Corleone

Jean Luc Obama

The Ideal Michelle Hair Style02

The Ideal Michelle Hairstyle

Get it Yourself Racist

Pharoah and his bride TARGET

Bitter Beer

Child Snack Catcher

Lets Grow Rack

Lets Grow Sesame Street



Michelle Rangel

Michelles Gown

Mooch Begs

Mooch v the Board of Education

perfume bottle

Prison Break

Queen of Hearts Michelle

Dear Abby Michelle

Beyonce Michelle

The Star Trek Edition 04

Fun with POTUS

President “I Got A Pen”
Barry Scissorhands

President Pen

Shove Your Pen

The Royal Sceptor

The Royal We

Fun with POTUS!
10 Liberal Commandments

Hiding from Bibi

Barack Lecter

Icarus Falling

Bauer Interrogates Obama02

Bo Jangles Dances

Borgack Obama

Boy in the Bubble

Budget House of Cards


Coaching from Third

Def Comedy Jam

Dr Evil 2

Dr Evil in China

The Stones and O

Mamas Pappas and O

Here we go again

Here we go again 02

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi O

Ebola Weekly Address

Husseinus Snape

I Borgack

Ice Dancing


Obama Cult

Obama Flashdance

Obama throws like a girl

Over the Rainbow

President Stompy Foot



Seven Year Itch

Sunset Boulevard

Teen Vogue

The Big Lie Trojan Horse

The Exorcist

When Egos Attack

Ziggy Stardust

Tipping His Hand

Obama Fife and Bibi

A Day at the Race Baiting

Brothers from another mother

Obama tossing Molotov Cocktail

Government-Sanctioned Looting

Barack Dubois

The Snore-Ax

Barack Krueger

Obama Dracula



the Star Trek Edition 02

Super Pooper-01


In the years that America has had to endure Barack Obama as our President, he has played well over two hundred rounds of golf. By the time we are finally, mercifully free of him, I’m sure that number will be way up near 400 rounds.

Nothing stop Obama from golfing. Not unemployment. Not terror attacks. Not American citzens being beheaded by ISIS. Nothing.

The only way to get this man to step foot in the Oval Office would be to make sure there’s a putting green there.

Hard at Work

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Dorf on Golf

Flamingo Man

Captain Morgan Man

Rockettes and Obama

Golfing While the World Burns

Golfing Marine

Plush Green Laws for me but not for thee

Inching toward 300

Mind if I Play Through?

Play Thru Bed Stuy Edition

Play Thru Benghazi

Play thru Bonefire

Play Thru Ebola

Play Thru Ferguson

Play Thru Illegals

Play Thru Iraq

Play Thru ISIS

Play Thru Israel

Play Thru Murrieta

Play Thru Nigeria

Play Thru Plane

Play Thru Sand Trap

Play Thru Unemployment

Play Thru Wedding Crasher

Mind if I Play Through Chattanooga

Mind if I play thru Milwaukee

Play Through Louisiana Floods

President Selfie

Like a thirteen-year-old girl whose parents just gave her her first iPhone, Barack Obama can’t seem to resist the opportunity to take “selfies” of himself or pose for “selfies” with other people.

And, like most things with this Administration, his timing is always hideously bad. Selfie’s at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service. Selfies taken with a “selfie stick” while videoing the whole thing for BuzzFeed on the same day an American citizen is killed by ISIS.

Click on image to view full size

Doofus Among Giants

Christmas Selfie

Fort Hood Selfie

Illegal selfie


President Selfie

Snorkeling Selfie

O responds to selfie

With Stupid Obama

Sick of Me Yet

Loyalty to King

The Royals

Ah, the lives of the Royals. We cannot begin to comprehend it. They live like they are King and Queen, but oh how they suffer. Nobody knows the shtruggles they have seen.

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The Royals

Royal Stairs

Ceasar and Cleopatra

Feeding off the People

We will not comply 2

Moochelle Antoinette

Her Royal FLOTUS




King Hussein III 02

Petulant Tyrant

Right Back Where We Started

The Royal We 01

The Um King


Queen of Artichoke Hearts

Like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned, the Royals dance, party, vacation and rub shoulders with the rich and famous while they busily lecture and berate us about how we should live.

America Last Stand

Obamas Vacation

Reagan Portrait

Soulless Train02

Abby and Ann Landers Obama

Amazing Carnac

Backwards Santa

Dear Obabby

I cant hear you

Most Opinionated Man in the World

Not Tough

Obama Castro Twerk02

Love Wins

they rarely kiss back

Singin in the Rain

The Royal HUD Decree

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