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Feel the Bern

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Are you smarter than a Democrat

Bernie Che

Bernie Chavez

Bernie Castro




Well of course he is

Socialist endorses Hillary for President

The Child Catcher 2

The Child Catcher

What Women Need Sanders

Im a Believer

Oh, Joe!

Nothing show the unseriousness of Barack Obama to lead this nation than selecting the walking talking pratfall named Joe Biden as his running mate.

If he isn’t sticking his foot into his mouth, he’s creeping on women young and old.

Instead of secret service agents, Joe should be surrounded by men in white carrying butterfly nets.

Bidens Picture Book

This Will End Well

Traffic Hazard Biden

Butchless Cassidy

Whoopee for Biden

Fortress of Solitude

Meet the Tom Sawyer Ticket


I wish I knew who coined the name “Fauxcahontas” to describe Elizabeth Warren. It’s spot-on!

It says a lot about this woman that she would pretend to be a minority in order to game the system. Then, after she’s gamed the system, venture out into public life and complain about the system being rigged.

But that’s Fauxcahontas. Fake Indian. Real Marxist.

Elizabeth Marx Warren

Squaw Warren

War Bonnet Warren

Heap Big Wampum

Al Sharpton

The fact that this man has any credibility defies logic. Having Al Sharpton host a national news program would be like having me teach a ballroom dance class.

He is a charlatan, a money-grubbing opportunist, a tax-evading crook and a liar.

Which explains why he visits the Obama White House so much.

Al Corleone

Al in a big boy suit

Grim Reaper Sharpton


Molotov Sharpton

Resist We Much

Ringmaster Sharpton

Sharpton Secret Service

Dr Evil Sharpton and his Mini Me

Sharpton Viagra ad

The Three Stooges

Al Sharpton Day Bobblehead Doll

Speaking of Crooks and Charlatans

I would no more want a man like Eric Holder to head up anything with the word “Justice” in its name than I would permit a pedophile to work at a day care center.

Evil Meme Holder

Eric Himmler

Eric Holder Baby

Hell of a lot of nerve

General Holders Art of War

Holder Looting

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis’ run for governor of Texas was the most fun I’ve had in ages. It was as if the producers of Saturday Night Live concocted her entire campaign.

Stand with Wendy

Abortion Barbie

The Jerk

Wendy Got a Gun 02

Poor Poor Wendy

Attack of the RINOS

What can be said about a crop of spineless cowards whose voters have more courage and testicular fortitude than they do?

Never in the history of humanity has the been a more pathetic group than the Republican Establishment. The only thing they manage to excel at is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Benedict Boehner

Boehner Knife Back

Boehner Models Shirt

Dianny Dream of McCain

Dud Dynasty

50 Shades of Boehner

A Fine Mess

Et Tu Boehner

Fredo Boehner

French Republican

Jeff Flake

Love Among the Shipwrecked

Mean Girls 02

Obama as Tea Partier

Obama Boehner Kiss

Obama Lovin GOP


Royal Family


Surrender in our Time


The Liberal Trap

The Speaker 02

The Speaker

Trust Me Rove

The Odd Couple 2

The Vaudeville Candidate

McCain and Eng

Lindsey Monroe

Forrest Bush

Mystery Date

Finger on the pulse of the electorate

Slim McConnell

John Kasich Hardest Hit

This is so damn hilarious

Gilligan and the Skipper

I decided to have a little fun

Lenny Kasich and Squiggy Graham

The Real President of the United States

Come on. You know she is.


Puppet Master

Ramses Jarrett

She Who Must Not Be Challenged

The Puppetmaster

March of the Angry Broads

Fatal Attraction DWS

Nancy Sneezes

Wicked Witch of San Francisco

Donald Trump

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Honestly, like him or hate him, you have to admit, the guy is a Photoshop Goldmine. He’s like low-hanging fruit just waiting to be plucked.

Ali Liston

If The Donald Was Alive in 1776

The Establishment Strikes Back

Like a freaking Stradivarius

Mano a mano

Mano a mano-2

Ralph Trumpden and Jeb Norton

Trump Kramden

The Incredible Sulk

The Tweetfather

An abusive boyfriend

The Tweeting

Granny Ginsburg

The Wrath of Khan Kirk







Random Rogues

Frankenstein Bride of Frankenstein

Most Interesting Kerry

NBC Nightly News with Brian Flanagan


Beheading America2

Our work here is done

When the Supremes Meet the Village People

Sermon on the Hill

The Brady Bunch2

Is the Marxist Catholic

A Church Decapitated

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