The Superheroes of Obama’s America

DIANNY Image Vault: The Superheroes of Obama’s America

For some reason I cannot explain, giving these bumbling fools a Super Hero persona just seems to work.

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Wonder Woman

Look up in the sky!
He’s flipping the bird!
He’s flying his drones!
He’s Super-Bama!
Able to violate the Constitution in a single bound!
More powerful than a high-speed train!
Faster than a speeding high-capacity bullet!!
It’s Super-Bama!

Super Bama

Forget the “Justice League.” Forget the “Avengers.” The Obama Administration are “The Revengers.” And yes, I was really excited to be able to make Michelle the Incredible Hulk.

The Revengers

Marie Harf: Official Clown of the State Department will go down in history as the buffoon who declared that we cannot kill our way out of this war against ISIS. We have to give them jobs!

Employment Woman

Move over X-Men. It’s the O-Men (not to be confused with the Omen).

The O-Men

And let’s not leave these doofuses out.

Tick and Arthur

Super Dem

Gore to the Rescue

Dhimmi Woman

Super Pooper

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