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I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that Obama’s unconstitutional “Executive Amnesty” has permitted a man who was charged in the murders of four Americans to remain in the US legally.

If you haven’t. Here’s the poop.

Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, was allowed in August 2013 to remain the US as part of Obama’s DACA Executive Order (DACA being Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

At the time he was permitted to stay, Hernandez was a known gang member.

In February, Emmanuel the gang member was charged in the murder of four people in North Carolina — one of whom was a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Here’s what Jen Psaki said to Fox News about this:

“Let me tell you what DACA is about. It’s not about not only giving a path [to citizenship] to individuals who are in the United States. It’s morally right. … I can’t go into detail on every specific case. This is something that there are a number of steps in place that we take to look at who benefits from it.”

“It’s morally right.”

It’s morally right.

It’s morally right?!

Isn’t obeying the law “morally right?”

Isn’t upholding the law “morally right?”

I don’t know about you, but anyone from the Obama Administration lecturing us about what is and isn’t “morally right” is a little insulting.

We’re talking Barack Obama here. A guy who is congenitally incapable of speaking the truth. Lying is morally wrong. And all this man does is lie. He lies about writing his own books. He lies about his family history. He lies about what he believes. He lies about what he’s doing. He lies all the time.

For him or any of his underlings to dare tell us what is “morally right” sickens me to my core.

But let’s look at this DACA.

They are telling us is the right thing to do to let these children of illegals stay in the country legally because “through no fault of theirs,” their parents entered our country illegally.


Let’s say a father and mother broke into my home and dragged their eight-year-old son along with them while they did it.

I call the police who come to arrest them for breaking into my home.

Would it be “morally right” for the police to force me to keep their kid? Would it be “morally right” for the government to require me to pay for the child’s food, housing, medical care, and education because his parents breaking into my home was not his fault?

These people are entering our country illegally.

The “morally right” thing is to send them home. All of them. Mom, dad, kids. All of them.

They say it is “morally right” to keep families together.

Fine. Then send them all home.

We’re not the ones keeping families apart. The illegals are.

Send them home.

Will every illegal murder four people?

Of course not.

But the fact that the Obama Administration is willing to fast-track illegals under Obama’s DACA to the point where they aren’t vetting anyone, only proves that it isn’t about doing what is “morally right.” It’s about getting as many people into the system as possible, as quickly as possible, so that reversing course is infinitely harder. Even if that means fast-tracking “known gang members” who will go on to murder American citizens.

Obama uses this “it’s the right thing to do,” or “to not act is against our values” or “it’s morally right” argument for a lot of things.

Health Care.
The Stimulus.
Climate Change.
Gun Control.

We always have to act without thinking. We always have to push ahead quick! quick! like a bunny before we can think it through, weigh the options or consider alternatives.

They do this on purpose.

They play the “morality card” in order to paint those opposed as being haters, anti-immigrant, xenophobes while they paint themselves as being just this side of Saint Francis of Assisi.

And it’s a crock.

The illegals don’t mean a thing to Barack Obama. As far as he’s concerned they can be gang members, pedophiles, murderers, rapists. Who cares? The people, the actually human beings, mean nothing to him. They are means to an end.

Just like blacks.

Just like women.

Just like gays.

Obama doesn’t give a damn about immigrants any more than he gives a crap about the “environment.”

He is the most amoral person to ever be President of the United States.

And that’s precisely why hearing him talk about the “right thing to do” or our “values” is so sickening.

It is a conscious ploy to appeal to Americans who believe in moral right and wrong.

It’s pure Alinsky.

By using words like “morally right,” Obama hopes to force those who oppose his actions to “live by their own set of rules.” How could you possibly be against something if it is “morally right?”

See how it works?

But it isn’t “morally right.” It isn’t “living up to our values.”

Americans expecting those who wish to immigrate here to follow the law is not immoral.

Americans expecting Obama to live up to his oath of office and uphold the law is not immoral.

Americans expecting Congress to do their job, secure our borders and manage immigration is not immoral.

But that’s what Obama wants us to think. He and he alone is doing what is “morally right.”

Pure Alinsky.

In other words. It’s nothing but rat’s nest of lies.

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