They don’t want a solution

Yesterday, Community Organizer Barack Obama invited some people to the White House who, had we an actual President, never would have made it past the background check to enter the White House. This Building Community Trust meeting ostensibly was to help find a solution to the generated distrust between black communities and the police. Or, more specifically, racial grievance advocates and the police.

Among those in attendance was a member of the Black Lives Matter movement in Minnesota — most famously known for leading the chant, “Pigs in a blanket. Fry’em like bacon.” Also attending was tax cheat and race huckster Al Sharpton and his own personal Mini-Me Deray McKesson.

Dr Evil Sharpton and his Mini Me

Also in attendance, a woman named Maria Teresa Kumar from Vote Latino.

Vote Latino. Huh. Interesting.

Of course in his remarks to the press about this meeting, Barack Obama pretended that they were there to come up with a solution.

But they don’t want a solution.

They don’t want to solve the problem that spawned Black Lives Matter because Black Lives Matter was spawned from a lie. There was no “Hands up; Don’t Shoot.” Michael Brown wasn’t some innocent little lamb quietly going about his business. He attacked officer Darren Wilson and attempted to wrestle Wilson’s gun from him.

But the truth doesn’t matter. The narrative does.

The grievance industry has to keep the narrative going because it helps to advance their agenda.

It’s like this for the entire Leftist agenda. Scientists discovered that the polar ice caps aren’t melting; in fact, they are growing in size. You would think the Leftists who have been pushing the whole Climate Change agenda would be simply thrilled that they were wrong. You’d think they’d be delighted that the world isn’t going to be under water in ten years. You’d think it would give them a happy that taking a walk on a summer day wouldn’t put you in danger of bursting into flames.

But they’re not thrilled. In fact, they are doubling down on Climate Change — even looking to prosecute those who disagree with them.


Because the only purpose for the narrative is to push their radical agenda. So when facts disprove the narrative, they simply deny the facts and continue to push the narrative.

They don’t want a solution because if the problem is solved, their agenda is stopped dead in its tracks.

Rush touched on this Tuesday when a caller asked him why he uses the term “grievance” to describe the Black Lives Matter movement. Here’s the exchange (from

RUSH: Okay. I’m gonna make up an event. We’re gonna speak hypothetically. Let’s say that you catch your wife having an affair, but you talk about it and you solve it and you agree to go on. You agree to continue the relationship and the marriage and try to make the most of it, but you never let her forget. Whenever any argument comes up, you remind her, “You cheated on me.” Your relationship has no chance. You agreed to set it aside. You accepted that it happened and you accepted her explanation and you agreed to move forward, but then as you move forward, you continue to lay that off on her, and you never let her forget. Your marriage doesn’t have a chance, if you don’t let it go.
CALLER: Absolutely. You’re right. Absolutely.
RUSH: That happens to a lot of couples. I understand the black history in this country, and regret it, I wish it hadn’t happened. See, I also know that it hasn’t happened to African-Americans alive today. There isn’t one African-American alive today who’s treated as three-fifths of a person like it was in the past.
CALLER: Absolutely. You’re right.
RUSH: We’ve made progress in our country, and it’s been the Constitution that permitted that to happen. I hate all this stuff, Hank. I wish this stuff weren’t happening. What bothers me is that I don’t see the eagerness for a genuine solution to the political people on the opposite side. They want to continue to use the grievance, to use whatever happened hundreds of years ago that did not even happen to them, as a way of expressing how this country is failing or is less than decent and good. We’re never gonna move forward if we can’t let go of things, especially things that don’t happen to people today.

He picked up on that theme on yesterday’s program when he asked the question, What if Obama had told the truth after Ferguson? [from]:

We had a caller yesterday, a young African-American from Brooklyn who wanted to know why I referred to any black person talking about their legitimate past as a grievance. And I gave him an analogy. A grievance… The purpose of grievance, the way to understand grievance in the modern-day Democrat Party? Grievance politics does not seek a solution, is the difference. Grievance is a strategy. Grievance is a method whereby to advance an agenda. It’s not something being used to seek a resolution.

Obama isn’t conducting these meetings to arrive at a solution. He is conducting these meetings to keep the narrative going — to give legitimacy to the Black Lives Matter movement. The purpose of meetings like this are to justify his own agenda of Fundamental Transformation.

Do you think Deray McKesson wants to solve the problem?

Think of what this guy has gotten over the last couple years. He’s been hired on as a professor at Yale. He now has a nice paying job with the Baltimore City Schools. He gets to appear on cable news programs. Do you think his fifteen minutes of fame would continue if this problem was solved?

Just like Al Sharpton, Deray is profiting personally from the racial grievance industry. If America actually were permitted to get past our previous racial strife, the honey pot would dry up.

And that is exactly why we are never permitted to get past it.

Unrest, division, discord — all of that works for the Left. All of it helps to advance their agenda.

If America were actually allowed to move on and become a truly colorblind society where equal justice under the law was respected, the Left’s agenda would grind to a screeching halt.

CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller revealed this, albeit inadvertently, when he tweeted out this:

Al Sharpton doesn’t want there to be agreement. The dialogue will never end. Change will never come. Because they do not want things to change. They don’t want a solution.

They never did.

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7 thoughts on “They don’t want a solution

  • July 14, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Stategy Planning and Funding Coordination for the upcoming Republican Convention Chimp-outs. Again I ask: Cival Unrest, or Cival War? They are making history here, and they shall not be disrupted. These folks BLM, OFA, NBPP, OWS and others are Lil Barry’s private Army. Hitlery has embraced them, and thier cause. She is the presumptive new Comandant Comrad W.I.C., if Lil Barry and thier Masters at NWO want it to be so. These people have destroyed our Nation.

    IMHO: This will become revolution by November.

  • July 14, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Pity that Rush brought up the “counting as 3/5 person” myth. That was actually an anti-slavery measure.
    The southern, slave holding states wanted slaves to count as whole persons during the census count, not because they valued their personhood, but because it would give them more representatives (and more power) in the House. Counting the slaves as 3/5 of a person was to limit the power of slaveholding states and give more power to those which did not.

    • July 14, 2016 at 3:27 pm

      He mentioned it because the caller brought it up.

  • July 14, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    Doesn’t anyone get it? Obama’s glory days were as a radical agitator. He and his comrades, whom he admitted that he sought out on campus – not the liberals, but the radicals – were always about the revolution. His mother and his grandparents and his mentor were Marxists. Obama is fomenting as much of the revolution as he can in these last months. The unrest in cities where blacks riot is always followed by his sending in the DOJ, which takes over police departments, which then essentially are prevented from “overreacting” to further unrest as the revolution then spreads. Think Lenin and the 1927 communist revolution. Think Mao. Think Chavez. Get it?

  • July 15, 2016 at 6:44 am

    This was fashioned as a sort of ‘beer summit.’given the company,malt liquor and Thunderbird wine were probably consumed.

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