The Drama Queens of the Feminist Left

Drama Queens

Picture from The Hill

Pro-Abortion Feminists have decided the best way to protest Donald Trump and the Republicans is to embrace their inner Drama Queens.

Not that this is particularly new.

But now, instead of wearing pink vaginas and shrieking about Israeli “occupation” and war, the Drama Queens of the Feminist Left have decided to don the red robes and white bonnets from Margaret Atwood’s hideously dull novel “A Handmaid’s Tale.”

I read that book about 25 years ago back when I was still a Liberal. A friend of mine recommended it to me because she thought I would LOVE it!

I didn’t. I hated it.

Midway through the book, my friend asked what I thought. And I didn’t hold back.

The book is dull, ridiculous and depressing. If that’s the world Margaret Atwood envisions, she must want to suck a tailpipe every day of her miserable life.

But to leap to the over-the-top conclusion that any healthcare law is “just like A Handmaid’s Tale” isn’t just absurd.

It also pretty much proves that these women have no logical, reasonable argument to advance in order to defend their position.

And they wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is not in any way the same as forcing fertile women against their will to carry someone else’s child.

Though, come to think of it, forcing American taxpayers against their will to fund Planned Parenthood does have a similar ring to the book.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it?

This idea that some Americans exist solely to provide funding for other Americans is a form of indentured servitude.

But that kind of servitude is the very thing these red-clad Drama Queens are demanding.

Your money doesn’t belong to you. And you have no right to keep it when Planned Parenthood is more deserving of it than you.

So bend over and take it in the wallet.

The reason most people roll their eyes when they see these kinds of over-the-top protests by a gaggle of Drama Queens is because they’re … well … over the top.

And they have absolutely no grounding in reality.

These gals aren’t interested in reasonable debate.

And they don’t want to make the case for their position.

Instead, they dress up like dimwitted clowns and pretend themselves into a fury.

And, really? If this is what they truly believe, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they too spend each and every day wanting to suck a tailpipe.

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2 thoughts on “The Drama Queens of the Feminist Left

  • June 28, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I haven’t read that book in years, but wasn’t it affluent women who were instrumental in perpetrating the slavery on less affluent women? Because, and correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t affluent American and European women in today’s real world trying to oppress less affluent whom they deem unworthy of birthing their own children?? Husbands in the book wouldn’t be bringing slave ladies home if their wives refused to participate. And aren’t we doing this already? Destroying the offspring of one set of women, while paying tens of thousands of dollars for “fertility treatment” because they simply must have their own bought and paid for babies? Aren’t there women in India pressed into indentured servitude, acting as “surrogates” for wealthy western women? It is abortion, birth control, and the human trafficking of pregnant women and babies more in line with the left’s values?? So, does that mean these harpies in red costumes are protesting..THEMSELVES?

  • June 28, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    I remember one Tweet right after Ossoff’s defeat in GA-6, along the lines of “A strong Republican woman won an election today…just like A Handmaid’s Tale!”

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