Exposing the hate in their hearts

I don’t know if you remember this. But in the townhall debate moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton, “She has tremendous hate in her heart.”

That was a watershed moment in the election if you want my opinion.

And, as I said at the time, it was also self-evidently true.

It was a raw, shocking moment not because Trump was out of line, but because what he said was undeniable truth.

Hillary Clinton does have hate in her heart.

You don’t insult and demean the American people with such regularity unless you really detest them.

When you run for President, it’s one thing to attack your opponent.

But Hillary Clinton and her entire campaign don’t just attack Donald Trump, do they?

They attack every American who has committed the unforgiveable sin of not supporting Hillary.

For them, refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton is a sign that there is something wrong with you.

You could hear that hatred tumble out when Hillary angrily bellowed, “Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?!”

Hatred, disdain, a condescending sense of superiority.

These people really do believe that anyone who would support Donald Trump is irredeemable.

That deep-seated hatred that Hillary revealed during her campaign is alive and well within the news media.

And it was never more evident than this weekend at that shameful White House Correspondents Dinner.

Hate is at their core – hate is what motivates them.

And just like Hillary Clinton, it isn’t just hatred toward Donald Trump.

It is hatred toward us.

The laughter at Michelle Wolf’s so-called “jokes” didn’t come from a place of joy, but from a place of hatred.

It’s that piercing, malevolent laughter of people taking pleasure in cruelty toward those whom they hate.

Recall what we learned last week from Amy Chozick’s upcoming book.

In wealthy, elite circles, Hillary’s “basket of Deplorables” line was met with approving laughter.

“The Deplorables always got a laugh, over living-room chats in the Hamptons, at dinner parties under the stars on Martha’s Vineyard, over passed hors d’oeuvres in Beverly Hills, and during sunset cocktails in Silicon Valley.”

Of course it did.

They hate us as much as Hillary does.

That’s why she knew that line would get tremendous laughter and applause at a fundraiser in Manhattan. It’s just Hillary’s dumb luck that those hateful comments were made in front of cameras for the world to hear.

Despite the protestations over Michelle Wolf’s meanspirited vitriol, never forget one thing.

The crowd laughed. And they laughed for the same reason Hillary’s wealthy donors did.

They have tremendous hate in their hearts … for us.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve pointed this out.

Back in January when Michael Moore led “The People’s State of the Union” hate-fest, I wrote:

For the Left, some people should not be allowed to have a voice in elections.

Now, they’re okay with non-citizens voting.

But they want us to be silenced.

Because it isn’t Trump they hate; they hate us.

We’ve always known that they’ve held us in contempt.

But to have it so flagrantly displayed is stunning to say the least.

Imagine the outrage if “celebrities” did this kind of nauseating stunt the night before an Obama State of the Union Address.

How would the press react if someone at that event proclaimed that we must cleanse our American soul of blacks or we must remove and replace the culture that gave us Obama?

Could you imagine?

They don’t hate Donald Trump so much as they hate the fact that you and I elected him.

And their idea of a “more perfect union” is making sure folks like you and I are “cleansed” from this nation.

Yet they call us “extremists.”

They really do believe that we are sub-human and should not be permitted to exercise our civic duty and vote.

Because they hate us.

They always have.

The only difference is now they aren’t trying to pretend otherwise.

This is why it didn’t surprise me that Saturday’s WHCD was a hate-fest.

What’s interesting to me is that the news media is the one part of the so-called ResistanceLOL that still pretends that the hate in their hearts isn’t there.

Celebrities, Hillary, far-Left activists – all of them are open about their hatred for us.

But the media still wants to hide it.

And Saturday night, the veil was lifted. As they laughed and applauded that skank’s vicious attacks, we got a peek behind the curtain. We saw just what they think of us.

You see, the White House Correspondents Association and other “journalists” aren’t scrambling to distance themselves from that horrid cretin Wolf because they disagree with her.

Not at all.

They’re distancing themselves because she exposed the hate in their hearts – that hate they’ve tried to pretend isn’t there.

Now, Wolf didn’t mean to do that. Like most celebrities, Wolf is very open about her hatred. And, like most celebrities, she just assumed that everybody shares that willingness to be so open.

What’s especially ironic to me is that almost at the same time these wretched hate-filled “journalists” were having a good laugh at our expense, President Trump was telling rally-goers, “They hate your guts.”

It’s almost as if the universe set out to prove him right.

And like that second debate, Saturday night was a watershed moment.

Not that we need another reminder of just how much they despise us. Because I think we all know.

But as I said yesterday, the media is doing everything it can to dispirit Trump supporters and Republicans going into the November midterms.

The last thing they need is to have their antipathy and malevolent contempt exposed as completely as it was Saturday night.

See, this is why I don’t care if Michelle Wolf apologizes for what she said.

She said what they all are thinking.

In fact, I’m glad she went there.

Because just like Hillary’s “basket of Deplorables” comment, Wolf’s malicious “comedy” and the boisterous laughter from the “journalists” in the audience exposed the truth to the country.

Thanks to her, the hate these people have in their hearts, they now wear on their sleeves.

Hate in their hearts

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8 thoughts on “Exposing the hate in their hearts

  • April 30, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Have you ever noticed that female “shock” comedians always are one trick, one joke ponies?

    “My Vagina, Sex, and Fucking!”
    That’s all they talk about. It’s pathetic.

    This lady is a joke, and that’s funnier than anything she ever said as a “comedian”.

  • April 30, 2018 at 11:58 am

    I am to the understanding that David ” Attention” Hogg was there also

  • April 30, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    I think that, unfortunately, we are way past the time for a Convention of States….I think it is going to boil down to “us” vs. “them”….keep your powder dry boys

  • April 30, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    A photoshop pic of Sanders or Trump holding Wolf’s crazed head would make my day.

  • April 30, 2018 at 1:53 pm

    Since 1950 the leftist Press has hated America. It may have started befor ’50 but I was too young to understand hate then.
    they still hate America and Americans!

  • April 30, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    I thought that Sarah Huckabee Sanders looked beautiful Saturday night. Her dress, hair and makeup were perfect. It was appalling to me how she had to sit through that garbage while radiating class and dignity. She did not deserve any of that and my heart went out to her.
    She was the eventual winner here and everybody saw it.
    And we all see now how Melania has to deal with this crap every day.

    • April 30, 2018 at 4:52 pm

      “And we all see now how Melania has to deal with this crap every day.”

      I have heard of “For Better or For Worse in the wedding vows , but WOW!! How worse can it get?

      God bless and protect President Trump and his family

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