Fact Check TRUE: They are the Enemy of the People

They are the Enemy of the People

Some random dude posts a video on Facebook that mocks Nancy Pelosi. And the so-called Free Press is on it!

Daily Beast “reporters” discovered the guy’s identity and exposed him to the world – all because he made fun of a politician they love.

So, I think there’s no doubt that President Trump is right. These toxic piles of garbage are the Enemy of the People.

When you run interference for a politician by exposing and doxing a private citizen, you’re the Enemy of the People.

When you shield the powerful by exposing and shaming the powerless, you are the Enemy of the People.

The purpose of a Free Press is to hold the powerful to account.  A press that exposes private citizens to protect the powerful is not a Free Press by any stretch of the imagination.

The Daily Beast should be ashamed.  But they’re not.  In fact, they’re super proud of themselves that they dragged a random guy into the spotlight – not because this guy committed a crime.  But because this guy dared to make fun of the most powerful woman in Washington.

No, I’m not going to give you the man’s name.  See, unlike this Kevin Poulsen of the Daily Beast, I’m not an enemy of the people.  I hold to this kooky idea that dragging a private citizen through the mud because he mocked Nancy Pelosi is a shitty thing to do.

Responsible journalists would know that their reporting doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Whereas the Enemy of the People doesn’t give a crap about the consequences of dragging this man in the public square so people can destroy him.

When unhinged Leftists are willing to threaten the life of a teenage boy for the crime of standing there while some asshole bangs a drum in his face, do you really think they’d hesitate to attack this man whose only crime was posting a humorous “drunk Nancy” video to Facebook?

And thanks to the cretins at the Daily Beast, this man’s livelihood and life are now in danger.

What do you call people who would do that to someone? Oh! I know: the Enemy of the People.

And don’t doubt me for a second here.  What the Daily Beast did was absolutely an intimidation tactic.  And the warning couldn’t be clearer:  If you dare to mock our preferred politicians, we will find you, publicly expose you, threaten your livelihood, and put your life in danger.

The Daily Beast didn’t report on this man because he murdered someone or saved a child from a burning building.  They exposed him because he had the temerity to make fun of the most powerful woman in Washington.  They exposed him because people laughed at that video and shared it with their friends.  His only “crime” was turning Nancy Pelosi into a meme.

And they want to be absolutely certain we all get the message: mess with our side and you’ll regret it.

That is not what a Free Press does.

That is what an Enemy of the People does.

Speaking of an Enemy of the People:

Check out who happily retweeted the Daily Beast’s garbage article:

Brian Stelter - Enemy of the People

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3 thoughts on “Fact Check TRUE: They are the Enemy of the People

  • June 2, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    Shitty garbage.
    Enemy of the people.
    Same thing.
    Dianny, you nailed it.

  • June 3, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Kevin Poulsen is a convicted felon who was “previously banned from the Internet for committing espionage against the United States”
    THIS….needs to be repeatedly and widely exposed, along with all the sordid details of his felonious behaviour then and his vindictiveness now.

  • June 3, 2019 at 4:59 am

    I keep saying it every day.

    We are not in a debate with these people. We are in a war.
    They are the enemy of the American people.

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