Finger on the pulse of the electorate

You gotta love the Republican Establishment.

These guys are so completely out of touch, they believe that calling for Mitt Romney to get into the 2016 race is a good idea.

Talk about having your finger on the pulse of the electorate.


They’re like a brain-dead fashionista who would show up at a swanky Manhattan nightclub wearing a polyester leisure suit and an open-collar shirt. All the while thinking he looks, well, groovy.

Finger on the pulse of the electorate

What more evidence do you need that the money behind the RNC really do not give a damn what Republican voters think?

Our loser of a candidate is swirling the drain. So let’s resurrect our loser from the last election!

These guys are so deeply clueless it would be funny if it wasn’t so insulting.

There are sixteen other Republicans currently running. They can’t throw their support behind one of them? They have to reach into the Way-Back Machine and recycle Romney?

I don’t know who is more panic-stricken over Jeb’s failure to catch fire — Jeb or the big money people stupid enough to think Jeb would ever catch fire.

Hell, Jeb Bush is so lackluster, Jeb isn’t even getting fired up about himself.

His somnambulant campaigning can’t stir even a tepid response from voters. No matter how many exclamation points they put after his name.

So their solution is to resurrect the Blah from MA?

Are they kidding?

The single greatest fear these morons have is that voters will actually decide who the nominee is going to be.

You see, that simply is not allowed.

Hopefully Romney has enough sense to stay out of the race.

But something tells me, even if he refuses to run again, Mitt will try and use whatever influence he thinks he has to undermine every candidate who does not fit the Establishment’s Outmoded Moldy Mold.

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One thought on “Finger on the pulse of the electorate

  • September 2, 2015 at 10:20 am

    “What more evidence do you need that the money behind the RNC really do not give a damn what Republican voters think?”

    My family and I will never give a dime of our hard earned money to the RNC. Never again.

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