Fly in the ointment

When Jeb Bush was first pretending to grapple with the decision to run for President, he made it clear that he was going to try and win the Republican nomination without having to gain the support of Republican voters.

Jeb was going to run in the primaries like he was running in the general — by appealing to the voters who don’t vote in the primaries apparently.

Actually, the plan was far more cynical than that.

Jeb’s grand plan to be the nominee was to suck up all the financial support out there in order to financially starve every other candidate. Then, with no money to be found, the other candidates would begin to drop out leaving the guy with the biggest war chest standing tall.

Only there’s a fly in the ointment.

And that fly is Jeb.

In order to prevent the other candidates from having any of the big bucks, you have to make sure you get all the big bucks. And in order to get all the big bucks, you have to be a viable candidate.

According to Politico, with his polls numbers in free-fall, Jeb Bush is beginning to hemorrhage support from the only segment of the country that was backing him — the big money donors.

Turns out, they’re about as fired up over a Jeb Bush candidacy as the rest of us.

The only money Jeb has is going into his “Right to Rise” Super PAC. The candidate himself? Not so much.

Without the support of the moneymen, Jeb’s entire master plan falls apart.

Is the problem Trump?

Perhaps in part. Trump does throw another fly in the ointment by being a candidate not beholden to donors to finance his campaign. And Jeb’s entire strategy depends upon his ability to starve his competition of much-needed campaign funds.

But I don’t think Trump is the cause of Jeb’s problems so much as he is simply capitalizing on them.

Jeb is a dreadful candidate. Not nearly as bad as Hillary, but pretty damn bad for someone who is supposedly the shoe-in.

The very premise of his path to victory is so cynical and condescending, and perhaps would have worked in 2008 and even 2012, but the facts on the ground today are so completely unlike the past.

Americans by and large instinctively know that this may be the last chance we have to stop the destruction of our Republic.

We know that the threat of an invasion of illegals could very well destroy any hope of turning things around and restoring America’s greatness.

We know the dangers from Islamic terror and their largest state sponsor pose a very real and present threat to our homeland.

We know we are reaching the point of no return when it comes to our national debt and the ever-increasing welfare state.

Every single “right track/wrong track” poll shows the vast majority of Americans fear that the direction this current president has taken our country has been a disaster. And we know instinctively we are running out of time to turn it around.

On top of that, we have become deeply suspicious of the party establishment. With reason. The 2014 Midterm taught us a valuable lesson. We can hand the Republicans a landslide victory with the clearest mandate on Planet Earth, but if they don’t actually have the stones to follow through, it’s pretty much worthless.

We know the Establishment does not have our backs.

And the 2016 Presidential race in the midst of this is anything but “politics as usual.”

Yet Jeb is running a campaign proudly touting that he is the Establishment candidate.

Because Jeb really believed his “starve them out” strategy would hand him the nomination, he is boldly running on all the things Republican voters detest — Common Core, Amnesty, Open Borders, Compromise.

Why? Because he really believes he doesn’t need our support. All he needs is to win is dry up the money well for everybody else.

Whelp. The “starve them out” strategy is failing, and all that Jeb is left with are policy positions Republican voters do not support.

This is why Jeb is floundering.

He can blame it on Trump.

But it isn’t Trump.

It’s Jeb.

We’re just not that into him.

Is it possible for Jeb Bush to turn things around?

It’ll be tough.

He was so sure he had the financing to secure the nomination without support of those who do the voting, that he let his Liberal flag fly.

When you forcefully declare your support for policies abhorrent to the voters, it isn’t easy to dial it back.

Don’t underestimate just how telling it is that Jeb secured the endorsement of former Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor — a man who had become so detestable to his district, a conservative handily defeated him in a primary in 2014.

Cantor endorsing Jeb tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

If Jeb continues to lose financial support, there really isn’t much left for him. He is under the false notion that he can run a “politics as usual” campaign in an environment that is anything but “politics as usual.”

Trump’s presence in the race has shifted the paradigm so dramatically, I think it’s safe to say all bets are off.

But again, the fly in the ointment isn’t Trump. It’s Jeb.

Jeb is a lackluster candidate who, when you strip away the powerful Establishment support and oodles of money, simply doesn’t have what it takes to generate the kind of enthusiasm necessary to deserve being the “presumptive nominee.”

Furthermore, the Jeb camp’s in-your-face admission to not caring about appealing to voters because they’ll get their guy in on the sheer force of their financial backing is more than a little off-putting to those of us living and breathing human beings who actually vote.

I think Jeb fails to comprehend the growing discontent of the American people. It isn’t just mindless anger as he would like to believe. Are there people who are just angry? Of course. But the vast majority of Americans are not driven by blind rage, but a genuine concern for the future of the nation we love.

For the first time in history, more Americans believe that their children will be worse off than they are. Obama played a significant role in this discontent, but so has the Establishment Republican party.

Jeb proudly donning the Establishment mantle at a time like this shows just how clueless he is about the mood of the country, and the dire sense of urgency most Americans feel.

Strip away all the money and what is left is a man so ill-prepared to deal with the facts on the ground, the only direction his poll numbers can possibly go is down.

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