The Fly

Come on. After last night’s cameo appearance of the fly, you knew somebody was going to ‘shop Hillary into the movie poster for “The Fly.”

Come to think of it, I doubt I’m the only one who has.

How many bottles of Grey Goose do you think it took for Hillary Clinton to erase the memory of that fly landing on her face?

Since the Internet is forever, I’m guessing there’s not enough booze in the world.

Not that she noticed it when it happened.

My guess is, Hillary was so jacked up on pills to keep her upright, her face was way too numb to feel that fly.

Plus it probably didn’t help that there was a good eighth of an inch of pancake makeup between her skin and its tiny little feet.

Do flies have feet?

But afterward? Sweet Georgia Brown! I bet her campaign staff had to duck and cover to keep from getting hit by hurling objects.

She will never live this down.


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One thought on “The Fly

  • October 10, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Poor fly, thought he had landed on a pile.

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