From the mouths of boobs

While the rest of the Democrat Party flutters about blaming white men, Russia, Fake News, James Comey and even Huma Abedin for Hillary’s loss, the King of the Boobs himself inadvertently tripped over the truth.

Trust me. He didn’t mean to.

Joe Biden believes Hillary never really figured out why she was running for President to begin with.

“I don’t think she ever really figured it out,” Joe said in an interview in the Los Angeles Times. “And by the way. I think it was really hard for her to decide to run.”

Hey, he wouldn’t be Joe Biden if he didn’t get some of it wrong.

It wasn’t hard for Hillary to decide to run, Joe.

But he is right that Hillary was never able to give an adequate reason for running.

I mean, that she could share with the rest of the class.

Hillary couldn’t very well stand up on that stage on Roosevelt Island and say, “I am running for President because I am a greedy, power-hungry woman who will not be satisfied until I occupy the most powerful office in the world.”

It isn’t like she was going to admit to us that she had sold herself to the highest bidder on the promise that she would have real power to do them favors.

”Vote for Hillary: Saudi Arabia is counting on it” isn’t exactly a winning slogan.

Though, neither was “Stronger Together” as it turns out.

But at least Joe, even in his infinite stupidity, is still able to realize something nobody else is willing to admit.

Hillary had no message for the American people.

It’s why Hillary embraced every Left-wing bromide she could wrap her arms around.

She had no core set of principles that drove her desire to serve as President. Mostly because she had no desire to “serve” at all.

Her campaign was entirely self-serving.

Where Joe gets it wrong is pretty much everywhere else in the interview.

He claims Donald Trump’s message to the working class was not hopeful or positive.

That’s pure nonsense. I watched plenty of Trump’s rallies. They were inspiring, uplifting, positive, exciting. Meanwhile Hillary’s rallies were the ones filled with dire predictions for the future and negative attacks at anyone opposed to her.

Biden also claims that Hillary wasn’t just on some vainglorious quest for power. Rather, she felt a burden and an obligation to run to open up “a whole range of new vistas to women.”


A swing and a miss from Joe.

Hillary didn’t do this for the Sisterhood, ya dope.

She did this for herself.

That’s why her slogan was “I’m with Her.” She demanded Americans be with Hillary because this race was all about Hillary “making history” and “shattering the glass ceiling.” It had nothing to do with this country or its people.

Trump made the race all about the American people.

Hillary made it all about herself.

And since she never bothered to address the issues that mattered to the American people, she lost.

I’m not surprised Joe doesn’t get it. The guy’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The good news is, as long as Democrats still can’t seem to completely understand why they lost in 2016, the odds are good that they will continue to lose in the future.

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