Genius or Folly?

Okay, I’ll admit it. When I first saw President Trump’s now infamous “wrestling gif” on Twitter, I wasn’t sure if it was genius or folly.

On first blush, I felt like it was a really foolish thing to do. I actually cringed a little.

And I’ll be honest. I also laughed. Because, let’s face it, it’s funny.

But as the day proceeded, and the hysterical responses from the news media came pouring in, I started realizing that it was genius.

President Trump set them up and every last media personality fell into the trap.

And the very same media that poo-pooed Shakespeare in the Park assassinating President Trump night after night was suddenly crowing about “inciting violence.”

The same media that has ignored the violence perpetrated against Trump supporters by Antifa were howling to the heavens over the violent imagery of a wrestling gif.

For several months, Jack Posobiec has been checking CNN’s website searching the word “Antifa.” And in all this time, not one story comes back.

CNN has not only ignored Antifa’s violence; they’ve ignored Antifa completely.

And lest we forget. Two days before the inauguration, Wolf Blitzer did a little fantasy piece about what would happen if both Trump and Pence were assassinated before they were sworn in.

But Trump tweets a wrestling gif and suddenly the CNN personalities are quivering like a spastic colon and howling about a threat to their own safety.

From a gif.

Apparently they believe that we Trump supporters will watch that gif, discover our hidden crazy Leftist within and gun down a baseball field full of news personalities.

And I marveled at the irony.

When cops were shot they poo-pooed the possibility that the anti-cop rhetoric from President Obama and the ginning up of violence by Black Lives Matter could be responsible.

And when a gunman opened fire at Republicans on June 14, they dismissed the notion that the endless violent rhetoric of the Left was responsible. They shrugged at the idea that their fantasies about killing the President had anything to do with it.

But President Trump tweets a silly wrestling gif and they trip all over themselves to say he will be to blame if there is any violence against “journalists.”

And that’s when I started to see the genius of this tweet.

Never underestimate the fact Donald Trump has been a media figure for decades.

And CNN is a media outlet. Its on-air “talent” nothing but media personalities.

President Trump comes from their world.

And he knows how they think.

As a result, he knows exactly how to get under their skin and bring out the worst in them.

I have no doubt that President Trump knew these guys would have a thermo-nuclear freak-out over this tweet.

And I think that’s exactly why he did it.

Because in their hysteria, they revealed their own hypocrisy.

But this tweet does more than simply expose the news media’s hypocrisy.

It backed them into a corner. And the only recourse they had was to make themselves the news story.

Saturday, I wrote that when media personalities makes themselves the story, it’s a really dumb idea.

And I’m not the only who thinks that.

I think the President knows that as well.

And in one tweet, President Trump got the media to double down on talking about themselves.

Americans do not trust the news media.

And because we don’t, if all they do is talk about themselves, we don’t want to hear it.

Especially because they’re breathlessly fluttering about like B-movie drama queens — over a gif.

Lara Logan — a journalist from CBS — was gang-raped during Egypt’s so-called “Arab Spring.” And the news media could barely muster up the teensiest bit of interest.

But President Trump tweets a wrestling gif, and they’re clutching their pearls in horror.

Meanwhile as the news media worked themselves into a lather over this one tweet, the President went back to using Twitter to go over their heads to the American people.

Later in the day, Mr. Trump tweeted this:

And this:

Don’t doubt me on this.

The outrage and horrified indignation coming from news media personalities over this tweet is feigned — fake, just like their “news.”

They don’t fear for their lives – not one bit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They are furious.

But not because they think Trump “incited violence” against them.

No. What has them furious is Donald Trump rendered them irrelevant.

Worse still, he’s made them an object of ridicule.

For over seven months now, the Enslaved Press has tried everything could think of to delegitimize the democratically-elected President.

And nothing worked.

But in one tweet, this democratically-elected President got the Enslaved Press to delegitimize themselves.

So, no. It’s not folly.

It’s pure genius.

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6 thoughts on “Genius or Folly?

  • July 3, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Genius. Been Retweeted 300,000 times. Seen by millions on Twitter, tv, blogs and websites. The Reply comments are getting massive engagement. For a few brief moments I, too, cringed but also laughed. Now it is just 100% lol for all the reasons you mention. Trump knew exactly the response it would get. He’s loving it, too.

  • July 3, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    When Trump first came to the forefront as a candidate in the build up to the election in 2016 I was not sure whether he was savvy at all regarding politics or policy. I found some of his remarks crude or at least unsophisticated.

    Now, I wonder if Trump is mentally so far ahead in the game that he is merely toying with the media. Real genius can allow a person to predict with uncanny accuracy the reactions their opponents have so far ahead that the opponent is actually being played with like a cat plays with a mouse.

    The only potential problem with this can come if the ‘master’ (Trump) gets lackadaisical or he fails to anticipate an unorthodox move on the opponents part. Other than that this is like watching a chess champion playing a kindergartner at checkers.

  • July 3, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Not sure if it was “genius” or not, but the overreaction from the media is mind-numbingly clueless.

  • July 3, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    I think it’s Genius AND Folly………

  • July 3, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    It’s genius. And I laughed out loud.

  • July 4, 2017 at 10:17 am

    The Lamestream Press can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.

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