Gillibrand has a Women’s March Problem

Gillibrand has a Women's March problem

Although most of the mainstream news media didn’t mention it, yesterday the DNC cut ties with the Women’s March over its pesky anti-Semitism problem.

And they’re not the only ones to bail.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Emily’s List, even NARAL dropped them.

And that’s a problem for Kirsten Gillibrand.

See, yesterday to very little fanfare, Gillibrand announced she is getting ready to run for president.

Like we didn’t all see that coming.

After all, during her Senate debate in 2018, Kirsten swore up and down that she wouldn’t screw over New York voters by winning reelection and then promptly running for President.  So naturally she does just that.

If there’s one thing you can count on with Kirsten Gillibrand it’s that you can always count on her to never keep her word.

Last night on Twitter, Kirsten made it official.

It was the tweet heard round the … well, block.

At this writing, that tweet has garnered only 23 retweets and 39 likes in the last fifteen hours.  However, it has received 1.6 thousand replies.

That’s a painful ratio.

Gillibrand isn’t popular anywhere.

In fact, she really isn’t even particularly popular in New York State.  The only reason she wins reelection is because Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans and she’s the only Democrat on the ballot.

That won’t be the case in the 2020 Democrat Primary.

My guess is, Gillibrand won’t even eke out a win in New York.

But Kirsten’s larger problem is her full-throated embrace of the anti-Semites who head up the Women’s March.

If you recall, during the Kavanaugh freak-out orchestrated by the hysterical Left, Kirsten was introduced by her current BFF, the Women’s March’s resident Jew hater Linda Sarsour.

Now that the DNC has severed ties with the Women’s March, what’s a gal like Kirsten to do?

Well, given her Olympic-level flip-flopping skills, I think we all know the answer.

Gillibrand will do what she always does – distance herself, switch her allegiances and pretend that she never supported those ugly anti-Semites from the Women’s March.

It’s how she flip-flopped regarding Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein.

Kirsten changes her positions more often than Hillary reintroduces herself.

It’s easy to do that when you really have no guiding principles — let alone any legislative track record.

In short, Gillibrand is a lightweight second-stringer in a party made up entirely of second-stringers.

And the current millstone around her neck is her own full-throated embrace of the anti-Semites who skitter through the Women’s March like a whole lot of cockroaches.

While every other Democrat-fueled organization bails on them, Kirsten’s past alliance won’t simply vanish – no matter how hard she tries to convince us she always disapproved.

Gillibrand’s ham-handed flip-flopping will finally reach a national audience.

And I doubt very much she has the charisma and charm to soldier through the blow-back she’ll receive.

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