Good heavens what an awful woman

You know, if a pharmaceutical company developed a vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome they’d make money hand over fist.

Forget the opioid epidemic.

It pales in comparison to the widespread disease of TDS.

The latest victim to fall prey to its clutches is former “conservative” pundit S.E. Cupp.

Good heavens. TDS has turned her into an awful, awful woman.

Cupp joined in the silly virtue signaling over illegal alien children being housed separately from their detained parents.

And she did it in the most ridiculous way imaginable.

Oh, give me a break.

And if you dragged your little nugget along with you while you broke into someone’s house, guess what would happen?

You’d get sent to jail and your little nugget would be “ripped” away from you and placed in the care of others.

Would you prefer to keep your little nugget with you while you’re held in police custody?

This is complete nonsense.

And when someone actually called her out on it, this awful woman dropped her “loving mama” routine in no time flat.

Boy, it didn’t take much for S.E. to rip off her mask and reveal her true self, did it?

Good Lord, what an awful woman.

Suddenly soft-focus “Mama with nugget” turns into a nasty, shrewish, hateful hag just because somebody on Twitter disagrees with her.

The object of her vitriol did not hurl nasty names at her or attack her in any way.

Yet that didn’t stop this awful woman from hastily jettisoning her “concern” face and lashing out like a rabid weasel.

It may be too late to help S.E. Cupp — the nominally “conservative” NeverTrumper and certifiable awful woman – even if medication was available.

But it is revealing how quickly she shifts gears from “look at me, I’m a loving mama” to “I will ruin you for not agreeing with me!!!!”

I’ve said before that this brewing stew of hatred for Donald Trump is like napalm.

It burns away the façade and reveals these people for the hateful, awful wretches that they are.

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4 thoughts on “Good heavens what an awful woman

  • June 18, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    The US has been separating criminals from their kids since the beginning of the country.

    Not only that, but the obama admin was the one putting them in cages.

    Let’s not wait for SE Cupp to leave the Republican party.

    Let’s throw her lying fat commie ass out.

  • June 18, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Very apparent she was lying in wait. Having already known it was provocative, she sat ready to pounce and use her insurmountable ‘power’ (lol) to dox the first person who spoke up.
    Such a scary little “mommy.”
    Probably needs a nap.
    Or better yet, get off Twitter and get to those bottles that need washing out.
    S.E. Cupp reminds me of A. Milano.
    Postpartum psychosis?

  • June 18, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    She has always been a light in her loafers pundit.

  • June 18, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    What sort of mother would bring a child with her on her way to commit a felony?

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