Happy “If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today” Day

It’s Martin Luther King Day.

But if you watch cable news, you probably thought it was If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today Day.

Because every year on this day, pundits and academics pull out their crystal balls and pretend to be clairvoyant while they share Dr. King’s views on current events.

Pick a current event. Any current event.

I guarantee you before the day is through, you’ll hear someone telling you what Martin Luther King would think about it if he were alive today.

It happens every damn year.

In January 2009, we got a heaping helping of “If Martin Luther King were alive today he would have been fill-in-the-blank about Barack Obama’s inauguration.”

From beyond the grave, Dr. King has weighed in on Obama, Ferguson, Michael Brown, Black Lives Matter, and, now Donald Trump.

CNN has a story today titled What MLK might say to Donald Trump by Peniel Joseph.

Joseph — a professor and founder of Black Power Studies at Tufts University — was born five years after Dr. King was assassinated.

Yet he can tell us what Dr. King might have said to Donald Trump. If only Dr. King were alive today to say it.

So permit me to play “If Martin Luther King were alive today.” I think Dr. King would be stunned to learn so many people know his opinion on every political football being kicked about at the moment.

None of these people have a single clue what Martin Luther King would have said or done about any of these things. And there’s no way in hell they could.

Dr. King was assassinated in April 1968.

He has not been around to be shaped and influenced by what has happened in the intervening half century.

So, there is no way any of these people could know what Dr. King would say or think about anything happening today.

This is about as newsworthy as watching Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer do a segment called “If I had been born a woman.”

Don’t ask me why these jokers can’t just honor Martin Luther King’s life on the day set aside for him.

But no! Instead, these morons have to pretend to have a seance where they channel the dearly departed Dr. King.

Wouldn’t it be better to remind people of the life that Martin Luther King actually lived than playing these self-indulgent games of “What if?”

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2 thoughts on “Happy “If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today” Day

  • January 16, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    I despise people who put words into the mouths of the dead, whether it’s MLK, Jesus, Reagan, Ted Kennedy, anyone who cannot respond. I will say ‘I think’ Jesus would have said or done something, but make it clear that it is only my opinion.

  • January 16, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    They’ll do anything to avoid what he actually said and stood for.
    If it wasn’t for old white guys like me, hardly anyone would quote MLK at all!

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