Hard to have Safe Zones when chemical weapons can rain down on you

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Last night, I stayed up way past my bedtime to read through the breathless and angry tweets from “true Trump supporters” about last night’s bombardment in Syria.

I learned two surprising things.

First, apparently I am not a “True Trump Supporter” (who knew?). Because True Trump SupportersTM would be outraged and angry over this attack on a chemical weapons base.

And I’m not outraged and angry. Therefore, I must not be a True Trump SupporterTM.

The other thing I learned is there are quite a number of people who believe they are the sole spokesman for all True Trump SupportersTM.

And since I don’t think any one of them speaks for me, I must not be a True Trump SupporterTM.

Each of these sole spokesmen announced with unwavering certainty that taking out a chemical weapons base would cause every single True Trump SupporterTM to turn on the President.

“We didn’t vote for this,” they declared.

Well, I did vote for this.

Which means, I guess, that I am not a True Trump SupporterTM.

See, Donald Trump the candidate, made a point of saying that if and when we use the military, we will do it with a specific objective in mind. And it would be swift and decisive.

He was also clear that he would not run to television cameras and issue countless stern threats before we acted.

Everything candidate Trump said he would do as Commander-in-Chief, he did last night.

And when candidate Trump spoke about the refugee crisis brought on by the Syrian Civil War, he spoke of setting up Safe Zones.

His reason was simple.

If allied forces set up Safe Zones for civilians caught in this war, there would be no need for civilians to pour out of Syria and into Europe and the United States.

Early in his presidency, Mr. Trump spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia and the crown prince of Abu Dhabi about establishing Safe Zones in Syria and Yemen.

And this week, he met with the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Syria was a topic of discussion.

The refugee crisis is a national security problem for the United States.

True Trump SupportersTM are opposed to refugees coming into the US. And who can blame them? Even those of us who still support the president (therefore are not True Trump SupportersTM) oppose the influx of refugees.

Setting up Safe Zones in Syria would help to alleviate the flood of refugees.

And again, this is exactly what candidate Trump talked about doing when asked about the crisis in Syria.

So, yes, I voted for this.

Of course Safe Zones aren’t going to be very safe if Assad can deploy a chemical weapon and choke the life out of the people there.

Launching a strike on a military base where these chemical attacks were staged is not the equivalent of invading Syria.

As I said last night in my post Syria is not our fight, I support the President’s objective to provide Safe Zones for civilians.

But, again, how can he set up Safe Zones without first removing the threat of chemical weapons?

See, I trust that President Trump has intelligence and information to which I am not privy.

Which, by the way, seems to be a primary point of contention among the True Trump SupportersTM on Twitter who are washing their hands of this President.

Apparently they are genuinely shocked that Mr. Trump made a decision based on military intel and not on the conspiracy theories being peddled on Twitter.

I mean, they’re really befuddled by that.

These are the same Trump supporters who, up until last night, proudly said this President was a master of 3-D Chess.

Now they believe he is nothing more than a mindless dupe hoodwinked by Globalist warmongers and NWO apparatchiks.

All because he took out a chemical weapons base in a swift and decisive show of force.

Oy. Ye of little faith.

I just went over to Drudge and saw that he was conducting a poll about this strike.

And the results indicate to me that Twitter has become an echo chamber of silly.

Listen. Donald Trump is not George W. Bush.

He is not an interventionist. And he is not a “neo-con warmonger” like John McCain.

He is, however, a strong leader who said all along that the United States would act swiftly and decisively when needed.

And that is exactly what I voted for.

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One thought on “Hard to have Safe Zones when chemical weapons can rain down on you

  • April 7, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Why would Assad use chemical weapons and bring the wrath of world opinion against him when he has the upper hand in the civil war? Makes no sense whatsoever. However, it makes perfect sense for the rebels to pin the blame on Assad. So who are the rebels? Who knows, there are numerous Islamic factions fighting against Assad including ISIS which has access or can manufacture chemical weapons. With support from the Russians, the Assad forces are quite frankly kicking the rebel’s asses. What troubles me is that it appears Trump is believing US intelligence, which as we all know harbor lies among the truths. America has a new leader but does America have a new foreign policy? That remains to be seen. The truth will come forward over the Israeli-Palestinian two state world agenda. If Trump pressures Israel for a two state compromise, then Trump will be no different than America’s previous presidents concerning foreign policy only more forceful.

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