Being hated by all the right people


Nothing says Donald Trump is the right man for President quite like the fact that he is hated by all the right people.

For eight years not one Republican bothered to get under Barack Obama’s skin. But Donald Trump has managed to burrow so far beneath Barry’s dermal covering the guy is twitching like a meth addict.

Obama hates him. Just hates him.

Anybody that has Barack Obama fit to be tied, gets my vote.

Then there’s Hollywood.

In their continuing efforts to crap all over the people they depend on for ratings success, the ungrateful pukes from Tinseltown just can’t stop burping out their hatred for Trump.

Last night’s Emmy Awards show became a “Trump-Bashing Fest.”

For some reason these idiots whose only skill in life is being told where to stand and when to speak think Americans were glued to their TVs eagerly waiting to hear their opinion on the presidential election.

As if we dumb rubes in flyover country can’t make up our own minds on whom to vote for and must be told by our intellectual betters out in Hollywood.

You know, the same way they think we should oppose the Keystone XL pipeline or hydraulic fracturing just because braindead bints like Daryl Hannah oppose it.

Anybody who can turn these ingrates inside out with anger and fear is a-okay in my book.

Hollywood, like sports stars, believe they have a great deal of influence over the American people.

They sneer at the tens of millions of Americans who plan to vote for Donald Trump while they congratulate themselves on how sophisticated and brilliant they are.

As far as I can noodle out, they really do believe if they insult and demean us enough, we’ll suddenly wake up and realize that Hillary Clinton is Fabulous!

It never once enters their minds that insulting and attacking the very people who watch their shows or go to their movies might just backfire on them.

There’s nothing new about this. Hollywood has been behaving this way toward the consumers on whom they rely for years.

After every shooting (outside of Chicago at least), they condescendingly lecture us about guns while employing armed security to protect themselves.

They endlessly hector us about “Climate Change” while flying hither and yon on their private jets.

And last night at the Emmy Awards, our moral betters decided to vilify Donald Trump and, by extension, those deplorable Americans who support him.

I really hate these people.

And if they hate Donald Trump, then he’s the candidate for me!

In February 2013, I wrote a column called “When Celebrities Attack” (now available in my first volume of columns, RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama). In it, I wrote:

Thus far in my life, not one person has been able to adequately explain to me why I should give a crap what Daryl Hannah thinks about domestic oil production.
What specifically makes her an unimpeachable expert?
She played a mermaid in a movie over twenty-five years ago.
Is that the reason?
Celebrities are under the misguided notion that we should care what they think about a myriad of issues. But truthfully, outside of TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, are there really any people who wait with baited breath to find out what some addle-brained celebrity thinks on an issue before they decide how they feel?
”Gee, gas prices are still going up. I wonder if opening the Keystone Pipeline would help with that. I know! I’ll see what Daryl Hannah thinks!!”
I have zero interest in what kind of car Leonardo DiCaprio drives or what he thinks about eating meat. I don’t care in the least if some actress with big boobs is a committed vegan and donates money to PETA. I don’t want to know what Daryl Hannah thinks about the Keystone Pipeline or what Matt Damon thinks about Fracking. And who the hell is Rosario Dawson?!
Matt Damon, Daryl Hannah, and the apparently famous Rosario Dawson don’t have to worry about high energy costs. I do. It matters to me if gas prices continue to climb. See, unlike Matt Damon, Daryl Hannah, and this Rosario Dawson (okay, I’ve determined it’s a woman), I have to watch how I spend my money.
If we can access an abundant supply of natural gas or oil that is right there beneath our feet, via hydraulic fracturing, then, I say, “Frack Away!!” If we can employ thousands, while at the same time bringing petroleum to the US from Canada, I say, build that pipeline!!
Should our nation’s economy be destroyed because of the insipid opinions of people whose greatest accomplishment in life has been to know what light they look best in?
Sarah Palin (you know, the big dummy) served on Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. But she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
Daryl Hannah, pretend mermaid, can regurgitate lines written by another person while being able to find her mark, and this makes her an indisputable political powerhouse and expert on oil?
Celebrities are cossetted, spoilt children. They are epitomized by Alec Baldwin, the 54 year old juvenile who, every time somebody makes him mad, takes to the Twitters like a snotty child.
Nobody has ever cared more about what Hollywood thinks than Hollywood itself.
Celebrities travel in a tiny universe in which their every action, every sigh, every bodily function, is applauded and praised. They are an even more closed society than Japan in the nineteenth century.
This echo-chamber known as Hollywood functions under the illusion that they matter. And because of this, they have the misguided notion that We the People should agree with whatever “cause” they espouse – that their opinions have more weight and more purpose, because, well, they’re celebrities.
Never in the history of humankind has one tiny segment of our society thought so highly of itself.

At every single circle jerk awards show, these idiots have to subject us to their opinions as if we really give a crap.

No wonder the ratings for the Oscars and the Emmys are cratering like Hillary’s poll numbers.

Nobody cares what these people think.

Okay, that’s not entirely true.

Knowing that they despise Donald Trump is one of the best endorsements for the guy I could ever hear.

Well, after the one from Barack Obama.


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2 thoughts on “Being hated by all the right people

  • September 19, 2016 at 10:10 am

    The Emmys, according to info I had to look up because I don’t care, had the smallest viewing audience in its history on Sunday.
    No one hears any of their crap anyway.

    Good article by the way.

  • September 19, 2016 at 10:27 am

    If you want to measure the success of Trump, just look at how much he’s bashed by the Hollywood elites. They know deep in their souls that he’s a true threat (to the Clintonistas) like McCain and Romney NEVER were. Same goes for the mainstream, whiney-pants, elite media. I simply can’t wait for the ‘giant sucking sound’ these narcissistic bozos create on their way to the Canadian border or their other countries of choice.

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